Camping Hot Water Systems


Add a bit of luxury to your camping trip with a camping hot water system. How often have you dreamt of a hot steamy shower after a long day exploring? Or soapy hot water to make washing up a breeze? Find the answer in a camping hot water system from our online store. You won’t look back!


Camping Hot Water System by Camec

A camping hot water system brings a whole new level of luxury to your trips. The best part is, upgrading or adding a camping hot water system to your van or rig easy! Camping hot water systems can run on gas, electricity, or both. Just remember that you’ll often need a steady flow of clean water to ensure it works at its best.


Choose from our range of camping hot water systems designed specifically for mobile adventures. They are great for washing, cooking, cleaning and showering. If you’re planning lots of off-roading and won’t be spending much time in caravan parks, a camping hot water system is the ideal solution for you. You’ll wonder how you ever travelled without one!


Discover the luxury of a camping hot water system for all your adventures. Shop our range today.


Gasmate Water-Tech 5 Litre Water Heater with Pump & Shower Attachments
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Gasmate Water-Tech Shower Stand

Gasmate Water-Tech Shower Stand

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