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Take your adventures completely off the beaten track with 4WD snorkels. Whether you’re driving through the outback or heading off into the mountains, a good quality 4WD snorkel is a must-have for serious outback enthusiasts.


Why You Need A 4WD Snorkel

When you’re heading off road, chances are you’re going to need to cross rivers and creeks. Especially if you’re driving a track after heavy rain or in winter conditions.  Be prepared for your next water crossing with a good quality 4WD snorkel to protect your engine.


How Do 4WD Snorkels Work?

A 4WD snorkel means the air intake for your engine is at roof height, so your engine is getting lots of cleaner and cooler air even if you’re driving through water or dust. So, your 4WD engine can breathe and stay cool. This means you have safer water crossings and improved performance.

Looking for a top-of-the-range 4WD snorkel? Browse our range below and find the right fit for your vehicle. Every snorkel we offer is easy to install so you can head off on your next adventure sooner.

Need a 4WD snorkel for an upcoming adventure? Want to upgrade your 4WD? Shop our 4WD snorkels online now.

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