Our Guide To Caravan Washing Machines

Being able to wash your clothes on caravan travels is important. Caravans these days often come pre-equipped with automatic caravan washing machines because they are a convenient and cost effective way to do your washing while travelling. The initial outlay of your washing machine compared to using coin operated machines can be considerably less depending on how often and for how long you travel. The average caravanner will recoup their intial purchase costs in 6 months or less, as well as have the added bonus of convenience and not having to share with others.   

Caravan washing machines are lighter, smaller, and more water efficient than conventional household washing machines, although are generally rated for approx 2.5 to 3kg which seems to be a perfect size for travelling. A normal domestic washing machine is not designed to handle the lumps, bumps and vibrations associated with towing on rough roads.   

The WMD-1042 Dometic washing machine is a popular compact front loading model touting incredible efficiency and a number of convenient, integrated features.

Tips for Selecting a Portable Caravan Washing Machine

  • Caravan washing machines can generally accommodate loads weighing anywhere from 1.5kg to 3kg. Choose a model that will be adequate for your laundry without being too large.
  • Take note of the water consumption specifications, especially if you are running off tank water.
  • Most, but not all caravan washing machines are cold water only. Examine the features carefully and make sure that if you need a hot water wash, your model has that feature available. Check out the Camec 3kg hot/cold caravan washing machine if you are looking for a hot water version. 


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.