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Camping Furniture Accessories

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Lounge around your campsite in the ultimate comfort with our range of camping chair accessories.


Camping Chair Accessories, You Never Knew You Needed

How much time do you spend in your camping chair? Here at Caravan RV Camping, we think your chair deserves an upgrade. Make your chair your own piece of luxury with our range of camping chair accessories.


Camping without a relaxing place to sit is like trying to camp without a tent. You can do it, but it won’t be as much fun! And though it may be tempting to settle for an old fold-up chair sitting covered in cobwebs at the back of the garage, it just won’t do if you are serious about camping in style.


That’s why you need to invest in some serious camp chair accessories by top brands including Coast to Coast, OzTent, Explorer, and Dometic. Make your camping chair and furniture more functional and comfortable, so you can settle down and relax for hours.


Waiting for your campfire to start roaring? Grab a HotSpot pouch from OzTent and enjoy the comfort of heat in an instant. You can add a pouch to your camp chair to keep it warm through winter and cool through summer. Just place the pouch inside a lumbar pack and strap it to your camping chair. Instant luxury!

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