Dust Reduction System

Dust Reduction System

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Dometic DRS280 Air Filter
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Dometic DRS2 Dust Reduction System 2

Dometic DRS2 Dust Reduction System 2

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Dust – it’s everyone’s least favourite visitor when heading off the beaten track. But your beloved caravan doesn’t have to suffer. Get your hands on the Dometic Dust Reduction System today and breathe cleaner air.


How the Dometic Dust Reduction System Works

There’s nothing worse than a lung full of red dust when you’re travelling through Australia – except cleaning it from every corner and crevice of your caravan! That’s where the Dometic Dust Reduction System (DRS) come in. The system provides an additional barrier for keeping the outback dust outside your caravan where it belongs. The Dometic Dust Reduction System works using a unique filter which captures dust and pollen particles below 10 microns. Because the system is directed to outlets, the design stops rain entering. And for extreme windy weather, you can use the plate to block airflow through the main filter. You’ll be amazed with the results!

The Dometic Dust Reduction System is designed to be invisible, and tucks away neatly into the caravan’s ceiling cavity.


Air Filters for Dometic Dust Reduction System

You can also buy Dometic DRS Air Filters which are specifically designed for the Dometic Dust Reduction System. These easy to replace filters maximise air flow into the caravan while removing dust particles. Made from water-resistant cardboard and synthetic material, the filters are resistant to bacteria, mould and odour.


Enjoy cleaner air in your caravan with a Dometic Dust Reduction System.

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