Exterior Caravan Lights


Light up your caravan! Exterior caravan lights will help with night-time navigation when you’re travelling off-grid. 


Exterior Caravan Lights for Awning, License Plates and More

As soon as the sun goes down, trying to get around your caravan to do things can be challenging. When you need to read a meter or check the exterior of your caravan, exterior caravan lights can be just the thing you need. We sell a range of exterior caravan lights that can be mounted in lots of handy spots, such as your awning and annex. For maximum flexibility, LED strip lamps are a great option. You can put them almost anywhere you need light!


No one can say they didn’t see you coming with our range of exterior caravan lights for the front, side and rear of your vehicle. These lights will make sure you are easy to spot from all directions. Need to light up your number plate? Find license plate lamps in our store.


Australia’s Most Popular Brands

With exterior caravan lamps from Narva, Coast to Coast, Camec, and Ark, you know your lights will stand up to the harsh Australian elements. Find lights that are easy to clean, easy to mount and efficient to use. Whatever your budget, find the right lights for your application right here.


Narva Red Incandescent RearMarker Light

Narva Red Incandescent RearMarker Light

$19.00 $21.00