Jump Starters


Get back on the road sooner with a portable jump starter. Shop our range of portable jump starters from Projecta, Baintech, Dometic and Thunder to give yourself that extra peace of mind when heading off the beaten track in your 4WD.


Get Peace of Mind with A Portable Jump Starter

Forget the stress of sitting on the side of the track with a flat battery, not knowing when help will arrive. Pack a portable jump starter in your essential gear and let it be your rescue buddy. These portable jump starters make it easy to jump start a flat 4WD or car battery so you can continue your adventure with no hassles. Some smaller jump starters also double as a power bank so you can use it to charge small USB devices too!


Wherever you’re going on your next adventure, don’t travel without a portable jump starter. Whether you’re a seasoned four-wheel driver or heading out on your first 4WD trip, you’ll soon realise the importance of having the essential tools at your disposal. And with jump starters from just $149, you can’t afford not to pack one!


Shop our top range of portable jump starters today.