Our Guide To Caravan/RV Covers

Selecting a Caravan Cover

The evolution of caravan covers have come a long way since their inception. Originally, covers were made from heavy and abrasive materials that would often result in damage to the vehicles that they were meant to be protecting. Since the mid-90’s however, we have seen the introduction of new, light, high quality and breathable fabrics. These fabrics allow the new covers to breathe by allowing the moisture to escape thus reducing mould and mildew which can damage the externals of your caravan including paint.

When it comes to Camec and Adco branded caravan covers, as technologies are improving, so too has the design of these caravan covers, to continuously provide you with the best protection for you caravan or RV.

Use the following sections to guide you to select the best caravan cover for you.

Do I Need a Caravan Cover?

Some people may argue the necessity of a caravan cover. It is true that like any accessory, it is not for everyone, but if your camper, pop-top, caravan or motorhome sees periods of non-use, having a caravan cover to protect your investment is well worth the outlay when compared to the cost of some RV repairs and even the replacement of your RV in extreme cases. So how exactly do caravan covers protect your van? Look for a cover that has a water resistant roof panel to reduce water intrusions (in the event that your van has any leaks). A caravan cover will help protect both the external surfaces as well as internal furnishing from sun damage including your curtains and couch fabrics, along with any belongings you may keep in the van. A new generation caravan cover should have breathable sides that reduce the build up of mould and mildew that eliminate the woes of older style covers which would trap moisture and condensation leading to damaged paint and external surfaces.


A caravan cover is a great way to protect your caravan from wear and tear off the road and to preserve its exterior componentry and longevity of the RV itself and most importantly the resale value of your pride and joy.

Although first-generation caravan covers got a bad reputation for, only having a life expectancy of 12 months then becoming brittle and un-usable the current varieties have improved substantially. 
If you're debating purchasing a caravan cover but aren't quite sure what they're all about, then read on.

Do I Need a Caravan Cover?

  • Although caravan covers aren't technically necessary, using one is highly recommended by experienced camping connoisseurs. A caravan cover is an easy way to protect your caravan from a variety of dirt, mildew, mould and damage which would otherwise directly affect the RV's paint and exterior components.

  • Things such as tree sap, insects, acid rain, bird droppings and harmful UV rays all have the potential to do serious damage to a caravan, ultimately negatively impacting its resale value and ruining the external aesthetics.

  • Most people who are against using a caravan cover have unfortunately had negative experiences with low-quality varieties. However, it's quite easy to avoid buying a low-quality cover if you have an idea of what to look for. 


Types of Covers

There are covers available to suit the following RV types:
  • Camper Trailers 
  • Pop-top Caravans
  • Conventional Caravans
ADCO and Camec are currently two of the most popular caravan covers for the Australian caravan cover market.


Picking the Right Size

Although measuring your caravan for a cover may seem like a daunting task, the process is relatively simple. Most manufacturers use standard RV height and width measurements, so generally, you will only need to know the length of your RV in order to choose the best fit. However, we do recommend that you measure your RV rather than working off the specifications of your van, as this can often relate to your internal floor plan, or the overall length of the vehicle which could include more than just your RV’s body.
To correctly measure your caravan’s length, simply measure the caravan’s body parallel to the ground, measuring from the rearmost to the foremost point of the Rv’s body. When taking measurements, DO NOT include the A-frame, any front tool boxes or rear bumpers as this can put undue stress on the cover and put your cover in risk of tearing and shortening the life expectancy of your cover.
Refer to the image below for further information on how to measure your RV.

How to measure your caravan

You are going to want your caravan cover to fit nice and snug although it is always better to choose the next size up if your length falls in between the provided sizes. You can then use the cinching straps to adjust the fit of the cover on your RV.


Quality is Key

Although a low-price tag can seem attractive, cheaper caravan covers are often manufactured using lower-quality materials that are less resilient to damage. Make sure when choosing a cover, it has a long-term warranty such as Adco or Camec which provide a 3-year warranty. Choosing a high-quality cover over a lesser brand will always end up saving you more cash in the long-run. This is because cheaper brands can rip, tear and disintegrate more easily therefore giving a shorter life span when compared to their high-quality counterparts. 

 When it comes to choosing a new cover to protect your pride and joy look no further than the range Adco and Camec have to offer. If you require further information on how to choose a cover please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff on 1800 787 278 or www.caravanrvcamping.com.au


Will a Caravan Cover Scratch My Windows?
While most caravan covers are specifically designed to protect caravans, plastic and acrylic windows can be scratched if the cover is not properly fitted.  To reduce the chances of this occurring, always be sure to accurately measure the length of your caravan during sizing and upon fitment of the cover be sure to read the installation instructions or get a brief overview from your supplier to avoid any unsuitable installations of the cover.  

Are Caravan Covers Waterproof?
Most caravn covers are not fully waterproof. Covers that are rated 100% water proof have been known to sweat, resulting in mildew, mould and other bacteria causing damage to the exterior of the RV. Depending on what brand and model RV cover you choose will depend on the degree of water proofing or water resistance. Typically, if water proofing or water resistance is offered as part of the cover sepcifications, it usually makes up the roof panel, in order to provide added protection to your roof top accessories, including TV antenna, hatches and air conditioners.  The stitching of the seams, along with the side panels, will not be waterproof or water resistant so that they can remain open to allow moisture and steam to escape, hence making them "breathable".  So, to keep your pride and joy in perfect condition the covers with a water proof or water resistant roof panel and breathable siding have been ranked no. 1 when wanting to protect your caravan, motor home, bus, boat, truck or trailer. 

What Kind of Caravan Covers Are Out There?
Cover manufacturers keep things relatively simple for consumers, categorising their covers based on the type of vehicle they are intended for. Therefore, market covers can generally be organized into the following categories: 
•    Covers for Camper Trailers
•    Covers for Pop-Top Caravans
•    Covers for Full Height Caravans
•    Covers for Motorhomes


How to Pick the Right Size:

  • Although first-time buyers can be intimidated to buy a caravan cover online, cover manufacturers have made the task extremely easy by using standard RV height and width measurements therefor only leaving an external body length to be measured by the consumer. 

  • Because manufacturers use the standard industry measurements, selecting the right cover for your caravan is as easy as measuring its external body length.

  • A cover that is too big will not fit snuggly around the caravan and will have to be pinned and strapped in order to protect the vehicle as intended. As mentioned, plastic and acrylic windows are also much more likely to be scratched if your caravan cover is poorly-fitted.  

  • A lot of people will go off the set manufactures measurements which is not always correct, as some manufacturers determine the quoted length of your RV off the internal floor plan and not an overall external body length which means that you will generally end up with a cover that is not big enough to fit your RV.


So, when choosing a cover there are a few simple rules:

  • Measure your external body length (JUST THE BODY), excluding any front, rear bumpers, spare wheels or tool boxes.We do not recommend covering these items as it can cause unwanted billowing and place undue stress on the cover.

  • Keep that overall measured length and quote to sales inquiries.

  • Choose a top-quality brand of cover such as ADCO or CAMEC both of which have a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

How To Measure Your RV for a Cover

If you require further information or would like to speak to one of our friendly staff, you can call 1800 RV PARTS.

ADCO: Australia’s Choice Caravan Cover Provider 

There is no denying that a Caravan can be an expensive purchase.

If you’ve already taken the plunge and bought one, you already understand how valuable the investment can be and will likely be wanting to protect it.

A good way to do this is by using a cover.  

A high-quality caravan cover provides caravans with protection from various types of common damage (like mold, dirty rain, tree sap, and UV wear), all the while functioning as a method of theft protection, assuming that for thieves, “out of sight means out of mind”.

Caravan RV Camping, with over 40 years of experience in the caravanning industry, are large proponents of ADCO-branded caravan covers, in particular.  

The following few paragraphs will give you a brief idea as to why.

The ADCO Brand

ADCO Products Incorporated was founded in 1955.

Since its foundation in the 50s, the ADCO brand has grown and risen to become the top manufacturer of caravan covers Australia-wide.

Currently advertised as a “fourth-generation family-owned sewing company”, ADCO Products Incorporated has to date manufactured over 20 million protective caravan covers for countless satisfied customers worldwide.

This is in addition to their large variety of assorted, custom soft-goods.

Most recently, ADCO Products Incorporated was awarded Readers Choice Awards from both popular Motorhome and Trailer Life magazines.

Overall, ADCO prides themselves on a combination of high-value, trusted customer service and unbeatable quality.

Each of their superior quality caravan covers is protected under a comprehensive 3-year manufacturer warranty.

ADCO Covers:  Features and Benefits

As mentioned, ADCO prides themselves on a combination of high-value, impeccable customer service, and unmatched product quality.

However, ADCO also stands out for a few other reasons:

  • Easy size selection
  • Innovative, high-quality materials

Size Selection

One mistake campers often make when purchasing a caravan cover is buying the wrong size.

ADCO takes the difficulty out of size selection by offering all covers in standard caravan height and width specifications.

This means that you only need to know the length of your RV to purchase the right size, ultimately making selecting the right caravan cover easier than ever before.

Innovative, High-Quality Materials

Because buying a low-quality caravan cover means less resilience and a shorter product lifespan, ADCO always goes above and beyond when selecting their materials.

As a result, their covers have since come to be known as “the most durable, all-climate covers on the market”.

Each and every cover is engineered with durable polypropylene side and top panels. 

Each of these panels is composed of 4 separate layers of breathable, high-quality Dupont Tyvek, specially designed to repel beaded water and protect against UV damage.

In addition to these materials, they also feature reinforced corners, air vents geared towards mold prevention, and a zippered door for easy user access.

As mentioned, each and every ADCO caravan cover is additionally protected under a comprehensive, 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please feel free to contact us, Australia’s leading online superstore, directly by phone at 1800-RV-PARTS.