Dometic CRX vs NRX: The Next Fridge Freezer Generation

Dometic CRX vs NRX: The Next Fridge Freezer Generation

When it comes to keeping your recreational vehicle well-stocked and your meals fresh on the road, Dometic has long been a trusted name. With the transition from the Waeco Coolmatic to the Dometic Coolmatic CRX range, RV enthusiasts saw a significant upgrade. Now, with the new Dometic NRX range on the horizon, it's time to compare these two generations of fridge freezers. In this blog, we'll dive into the enhanced features of the CRX series and keep an eye on what to expect from the upcoming NRX line.


Dometic Coolmatic CRX: The Evolution of Efficiency

The Dometic Coolmatic CRX range is designed to cater to the needs of caravan and motorhome owners, operating seamlessly on both 12/24-volts DC and 100-240 volts AC. This series takes over from the well-known Waeco Coolmatic fridge freezer, with notable improvements.


Improved Efficiency and Energy Usage

One of the standout features of the CRX series is its enhanced energy efficiency. Despite maintaining the same dimensions as previous models, the CRX is designed to use power more efficiently, translating to longer operation without straining your power sources.


Precision Temperature Control

Dometic has fine-tuned the temperature control functionality in the CRX range. This means you have greater control over the internal climate, ensuring your perishables stay at their optimum temperatures, regardless of the external conditions.


Reduced Noise Levels

 No one wants a noisy fridge in their recreational space. The CRX series addresses this concern by significantly reducing operational noise levels. This enhancement adds to the overall comfort of your RV experience.


Dometic NRX: The Next Frontier in Refrigeration

As the Dometic NRX fridge freezer range has now been released, we can confidently affirm that it has surpassed the high standards set by the CRX series. Building on Dometic's renowned commitment to innovation, the NRX range showcases notable advancements in energy efficiency, temperature control, and noise reduction.

The 5 refrigerator models ranging from 44L to 126L boast an elegant frameless door with a dark grey front panel, complemented by a convenient full-width handle, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic. The interior is versatile, featuring a removable freezer compartment that allows users to maximize the cabinet's capacity for refrigeration purposes.

3 in 1 cooling solution: these refrigerators can function as a fridge, freezer, or both simultaneously. The energy-efficient high-end compressor comes with three operating modes—ECO, Performance, and Quiet—providing flexibility based on specific needs.

Adaptability: The NRX refrigerators come with a reversible door hinge for simple left or right customization. The dual-function locks not only secure your items but also act as vents for the fridge. The modular installation frame, available in standard or flush-mount options, makes it easy to adapt and integrate the NRX refrigerators into different settings.

Let's take a look at the differences between the new 5 NRX models: 


DOMETIC NRX 50C Compressor refrigerator

DOMETIC NRX 60C Compressor refrigerator

DOMETIC NRX 80C Compressor refrigerator

DOMETIC NRX 115C Compressor refrigerator

DOMETIC NRX 130C Compressor refrigerator

Total Volume (I)






Freezer Volume (I)






Freestanding Power Consumption

~ 0.77Amp/hr over 24hrs

~ 0.81Amp/hr over 24hrs

~ 1.05Amp/hr over 24hrs

~ 1.27Amp/hr over 24hrs

~ 1.29Amp/hr over 24hrs

Unique Feature

Adjustable shelves x 2 Crisper x 2 Bottle holder x 1 Upper door shelf

Adjustable shelves x 2 Crisper x 2 Bottle holder x 1 Upper door shelf

Adjustable shelves x 2 Crisper x 2 Bottle holder x 1 Upper door shelf

Adjustable shelves x 3 Crisper x 2 Bottle holder x 1 Egg shelf x 1 Upper door shelf

Adjustable shelves x 3 Crisper x 2 Bottle holder x 1 Egg shelf x 1 Upper door shelf


W x D x H (mm)

380 x 510 x 525

448 x 537 x 525

475 x 537 x 625

525 x 568 x 745

525 x 568 x 812

Net Weight (kg)







As the transition from the trusted Waeco Coolmatic to the Dometic Coolmatic CRX has shown, Dometic is dedicated to providing RV owners with top-notch refrigeration solutions. The CRX series, with its improved energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and reduced noise levels, has set a new standard. With the forthcoming NRX range, we can expect even greater advancements in this essential aspect of RV living. Stay tuned for more updates on the NRX fridge freezers and the future of refrigeration for recreational vehicles!


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