Caravan Grey Water Hoses

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Safely remove used water from your van with a caravan grey water hose. It might not be the most glamourous item you buy for your adventure, but a caravan grey water hose is essential for any home on wheels.

Keep Dirty Water Out of Sight with A Caravan Grey Water Hose

What goes in must come out! That’s why you need a caravan grey water hose to safely remove waste water once you’ve used it in your caravan or RV. Don’t risk using the wrong hose – it’s not worth the hassle. Instead, invest in the right caravan grey water hose that will fit tightly and securely to your waste pipes, without any leaks.


We sell high quality hoses from Coast to Coast, Camec and Flat Out in a range of lengths and diameters. Not sure if you need 25mm diameter, 32mm or something else? Take the time to double check your fittings to find the exact hose you need before you buy. Want to store your hose neatly when not in use? See the compact hose reels by Flat Out.


A caravan grey water hose will give the final tick to your caravan essentials. Shop our range of hoses today.

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