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Narva 12V/24V Heavy-Duty Engel Type Socket
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Accessory Socket H/D . 81026BL

Accessory Socket H/D . 81026BL


Narva 12-24V Heavy-Duty Twin Accessory Socket
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Hulk 4x4 Switch Size Dual USB

Hulk 4x4 Switch Size Dual USB

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Need a 12V USB socket? Explore our range of stylish interior or exterior models so you can stay connected on your next 4X4 adventure.


Stay Connected on The Go

A 12V USB socket is the best way to access your camping 12V system’s battery power and charge your devices. No need to worry about your favourite devices going flat on your travels. Charge USB-powered gear like tablets, phones and Bluetooth speakers with sockets by top brands including Baintech, Blue Sea and Narva. Choose single or dual sockets for installation into interior or exterior panels, including steel aluminium. Installation is easy, and you can install some sockets with or without the mounting panel.

Tough Sockets

You’ll find durable and robust 12V USB sockets, ciga sockets and more. You can trust these sockets not to break, no matter how rough and ready you’re driving is! Most sockets come with a dustproof cover which is ideal for exterior mounting. When you choose a Baintech socket, you get innovative technology that includes components designed to prevent shorting and fires and a new terminal designed to avoid short circuits.


Add the 12V USB socket to your setup and make charging your gear super easy!

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