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Select from our large battery isolator switch range from Blue Sea.


Why You Need A Battery Isolator Switch

A battery isolator switch will isolate power to avoid battery drain when your vehicle or boat is not in use for extended periods or to cut power during emergencies. They are available in different configurations depending on what you need.

Battery Isolator Switches from Blue Sea

No matter what you need a battery isolator switch for, our large range of Blue Sea models has something to suit. Blue Sea has three families of manual battery switches, including the compact m-Series, standard e-Series, and heavy-duty HD-Series.

The m-Series is rated at 300A continuous and is designed for outboard motors or small inboard engines.

The e-Series has a 350A continuous current rating and is a popular replacement switch for boats.

At the top end, the HD-Series can carry up to 600A of continuous current and is rated at 300A continuous. This battery isolator switch is a great choice for vessels with large diesel engines and comes with ignition protection for safe installation.

Some switches are fitted with an auxiliary contact called AFD (Alternator Field Disconnect). This is used to disable the alternator field whenever the switch is in an open position, so the alternator diodes are less susceptible to damage.

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