Our Guide To Caravan Windows

Our Guide To Caravan Windows

Replacing your caravan windows or choosing windows for a new build? There’s more to it than you might think! 

Caravan windows let you enjoy a stunning view of the outdoors while bringing in extra light and air into your caravan when you need it. At the same time, you want to make sure your caravan window is secure against possible intruders. 

That’s why it’s so important you choose the right caravan window for your needs. 

Check out our buyer’s guide: 


Which Caravan Window Style? 

There’s a wide range of caravan window styles available to suit different needs. 

Hinge windows are the most popular and common choice for caravans. Depending on how much air you want to let in, they can open and stay at certain points for the perfect air flow. There are a wide variety of hinge windows on the market, and we recommend them over sliding windows. The top hinged window models include the following brands:

  • Dometic  

  • Camec  

  • Aussie Traveller  


Sliding windows are becoming less popular in the caravan market and therefore only have a limited range. Camec offer a range of sliding window sizes that come with a flyscreen and are available in black and white and left- and right-hand opening. The Camec Slimline Slider range incorporates a two-panel window, where one panel slides to provide ventilation and the other remains fixed in position. These are built to order, so ensure you leave yourself plenty of time before your next trip.  


Pro Tip: When looking for caravan windows check whether the inner frame that includes the block out blind and flyscreen is included with the window.  


How Do I Know Which Window I Need? 

If you are replacing an existing window, take note of any reference codes on the outside of the window acrylic or otherwise known as the blade or sash.

These codes can help determine the brand, style and sometimes even the size of the window. This takes all the guess work out to ensure you purchase the correct window the first time.  


For example:  

For Dometic DLUX windows you will see a number like MDL0700X0300. Take away the prefix MDL and you have 0700X0300, which tells you it’s a 700x300 window.  

For S7 windows you will see a number like AGP70700X0300. Take away the prefix AGP7 and you have 0700X0300, which tells you it’s a Dometic S7P 700x300 window. 

If your window has no reference codes or you are looking at replacing the window with the new model you will just need to measure the cut-out size of the window by measuring length and width. Windows are all listed with their ‘CUT OUT SIZE’ not the measurement from edge to edge of the outer window.  

Not all types of windows will fit your caravan. Consider the frame thickness, as well as the dimensions. Depending on the model, you can install windows in a vertical or horizontal orientation to fit your caravan’s window openings. 

The good news is various brands offer multiple sizes to suit a large range of applications.  

Pro Tip:  MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE! Always look at your selection of window sizes before cutting the hole in your wall!  


Which Brand? 

When choosing a caravan window it is important to choose a model by a reputable brand. After all these windows need to ensure your loved ones and belongings are safely secured in your vehicle. 

The three brands we highly recommend are DometicAussie Traveller and Camec


Dometic offers four hinged window styles: DLux, S7P. ABS and CHAL 

The DLux range includes a blockout blind and flyscreen and is great for motorhomes and caravans. These replaced the Seitz S4 range. They have a flat pane for a sleek clean finish with double glazed acrylic. The outer frame screws to the internal frame for easy installation.  

The Dometic S7P is best suited where you want a sleek finish with its slimline outer frame, or your vehicle has thinner linings such as buses. You do need to purchase your blind cassette and internal trim separate. If your wall thickness is over 27mm you will need to also purchase the correct size clips to suit your wall.  Both the S7 and Dlux windows are friction controlled, which enables you to open up the window at any angle. 

The Dometic Mobicool CHAL and ABS window are identical in design other than the external outer frame. The ABS window is made of ASA plastic while the CHAL is made of Chinese Aluminium. The window openings are ‘click clack’ style and open to three set angles. These come with an internal frame comprising of the block out blind and flyscreen. The window blades are also curved unlike the flat blade of the S7 and Dlux. 




Camec offers three hinged window styles: Odyssey, Odyssey Plus and Odyssey Premium. 

The Camec Odyssey and Odyssey Plus range have a traditional wind-out style and fixed flyscreen. The Camec Odyssey Premium range has an optional extra flyscreen and blind, similar to the Dometic range. The Camec Odyssey comes with a 2-radius corner style (meaning it comes with two square corners and two round corners), whilst the Odyssey Plus and Odyssey Premium come with a 4-radius corner style.  

The Camec range of windows are built to order, so speak with our team before placing your order to ensure you have enough time up your sleeve to install before you hitch up and take off on your next adventure.  


Aussie Traveller 

Aussie Traveller is our newest addition to the window range, 

The WW01C window range have a traditional wind-out style double glazed acrylic and fixed flyscreen similar to the Camec range and these ones are generally in stock ready to ship with no build to order wait times. They are available in black and white with a huge range of sizes. These are also designed with the 2-radius bottom corner and 2 square top corners. They suit wall thicknesses between 24.5mm and 50mm 

The Eurovision windows are a European style window, double glazed acrylic that comes in a range of sizes and available in black and white outer frame. The internal built-in blind comes included and is easy to install on various wall thicknesses with the selection of the correct internal clamp ring.  

The premium Eurovision 2 window offers everything the Eurovision window does. This updated sleek and modern design has a flatter profile and slimer frame which is very similar in design to the Dometic S7P range. It is suitable for walls from 24mm to 34mm, you can also obtain the larger internal clamp ring to fix onto wall thicknesses up to 54mm.  


What Features Should You Look For? 

Weigh up your budget with the different features on offer.  There are lots of features to consider that will ensure your caravan windows are convenient, easy to use and secure.   

Top features to consider include: 

  • Glazing – Look for double glazed models such as the Dometic range and Eurovision 2 to improve insulation so you can keep warm in winter and cool in summer. The glaze reduces heat intrusion from the sun while polyurethane frames reduce unwanted air leaks. 

  • Flyscreens - Keep your windows open and the critters outside with flyscreens. Some windows come with integrated flyscreens while others can be retrofitted. 

  • Block Out Shutters, Blinds And Privacy Screens – Be comfortable knowing no one can see in but you can still enjoy the cool breeze with the window open.  

  • Security Latches – Stop unwanted guests from opening the windows from the outside. The Dometic range and Camec Odyssey Premium feature a multi-locking system for additional security. 

When it comes to features, Dometic is definitely a top pick. For example, the Dometic hinged windows provide insulation that matches the construction standards for homes. Plus, you don’t sacrifice safety thanks to a security locking system that prevents the windows from being opened from the outside. The Eurovision range is also another great option thanks to their wide range of sizes and professional modern finish.  


Top Tips and Tricks for Caravan Windows 

Tip #1.  Beware some models are built to order so if you need it in a hurry you may need to pick an alternative option. 

Tip #2.  ALWAYS MEASURE TWICE! You don’t want to order the wrong size especially if you need to hit the road. 

Tip #3.  Not all models come with a blind and flyscreen, and these are must-haves in Australia! So, you may need to purchase a blind and flyscreen separately. 


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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.