Camping Cooking Appliances GUIDE

Camping Cooking Appliances GUIDE

Cooking on your camping trip is a breeze with the right camping stove and appliances. No matter your cooking style, there’s a plethora of camping stoves, BBQs, grills and roasters to choose from these days. Want to grill your day’s catch? Or whip up a gourmet brekkie for the whole crew? Or enjoy a spit roast with the family? You’ll find the right cooking gear for your camping trips.

Take a look at our camping cooking appliances guide:


Camping Stoves & Grills

Camping stoves are the easiest cooking option you can buy for your adventures. A camping stove is a portable cooker that has burners, just like your gas cooktop at home, so you can heat your frying pans, kettle and cooking pots without any fuss. Some camping stoves also come with an in-built grill, like the Gasmate 2 Burner Folding Stove with Grill, or even an oven, like the Devanti 3 Burner Portable Gas Oven.

For an all in one option check out the Dometic Cadac 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe Portable Gas Stove. This remarkable stove offers the convenience of cooking two dishes simultaneously, thanks to its versatile features and included accessories. With 2 pot stands, 1 coffee stand, and 2 ceramic-coated plates (flat and ribbed), you have a range of options to choose from.


One of the most important factors to consider before buying your camping stove or grill is the fuel type. There are three main types to choose from:


1. Butane Gas

The most common is a gas camping stove, which runs on gas canisters (isobutane). These are lightweight and easy to use, and you can pretty much buy them anywhere in Australia. But if you’re heading into a cold winter, they’re not the most efficient option.


2. Liquid Gas (LPG) 

These camping stoves use a larger liquid gas canister which you can refill (just like your BBQ at home). This tends to be a more versatile and cheaper option than the canister gas stoves if you’re using the stove for longer periods or on a regular basis. On the downside, they are heavier than butane camping stoves.

These camping stoves are a great value option and there are lots of brands to choose from, including Dometic and Gasmate. Check out the Dometic CS102 for a high heat output of 20,000 BTU on the stove. No need to remember to bring matches or a lighter thanks to the easy push-button Piezo ignition, which lights the burners in a matter of seconds. 


3. Electric 

These days you can get great electric camping stoves and cooktops that run off your battery or solar kit. Check out this Westinghouse Portable Single Induction Cooktop.


Camping BBQ

A camping BBQ is a portable grill or hot plate that you can heat up and throw snags and fish straight onto - just like your barbie at home. 

There’s a wide range of camping BBQs to choose from to suit different cooking styles. You can go for a fold-up grill fuelled by charcoal or wood for a real BBQ flavour, or a gas fuelled BBQ that comes in a convenient compact size like this portable gas BBQ by Grillz.

Because camping BBQs are so popular, you can get accessories made especially for your 4WD or caravan, like this BBQArm

The BBQArm mounts to your caravan drawbar or rear bar to create a sturdy place for your BBQ that’s out of the way. Genius! The Tow-Hitch mount means you can use your BBQArm anywhere you travel, with or without your caravan. 

Dometic has recently broadened its outdoor cooking range with the introduction of a small and portable BBQ option. The Dometic Cadac Safari Chef 30 Portable Gas BBQ weighs just 4.7kg and comes with four different cooking surfaces including a pot stand, non-stick BBQ grid, flat grill plate and pot/dome. The Safari Chef 30 works with a hose and pressure regulator and is an ideal barbeque for use at the campsite, on the balcony or in the park.


Camping Smokers

Who said you can’t go gourmet with camping cooking? There are so many incredible cooking appliances to choose from to spice up your dinners - like this 2-in-1 BBQ Smoker by Grillz or the 3-in-1 Charcoal BBQ Smoker. There’s nothing like the taste of charcoal smoked ribs on a camping trip! 

A great space saving option is the Grillz Charcoal BBQ Portable Smoker. The lightweight BBQ and two side handles make it portable and easy to carry to any summer celebration. There is enough cooking space for up to 5 people and sufficient ventilation making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We recommend using charcoal or wood to give a natural, smokey flavour to your cooking. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much space you have in your vehicle and how adventurous your chef likes to be!



Nothing beats a firepit when you’re in the great outdoors and why not enjoy the best of both worlds with a Front Runner BBQ/Fire Pit. With a 30 second set-up this stainless steel firepit comes with the tray/griddle ready to keep you warm in winter and cook your snags in summer. If you are limited on space the Front Runner Spare Tire Mount Braai/BBQ Grate is a great alternative for cooking on the go and stores over your spare tyre. 


As you keep toasty and enjoy the starry skies, you can enjoy some treats on the campfire thanks to cast iron camp oven accessories. The Charmate Cast Iron Camp Oven Kit comes with a camp oven, lid lifter, trivet, gloves and a handy carry bag. Simply hang the camp oven on the Charmate Camp Fire Tripod, which comes with an adjustable chain height and hook.  


Accessories For Camp Cooking

Now you have chosen your camping cooking appliances, make sure you have stocked up on the cookware and accessories you need to make cooking and cleaning easy. Here are a few essentials:

  • Cooking Utensil Storage: The Dometic Go Hard Storage Box is a smart solution for storing all your cooking utensils and camping gear on the go. 

  • Dish Drainer: Washing the dishes is a breeze with a collapsible dish drainer.

  • Plates, Cutlery And Drinkware: Choose from a wide range of accessories made from durable materials so they last for your adventures. We love D-Still unbreakable drinkware!

  • Vacuum Sealing System: Keep your food fresh for longer with a Dometic vacuum sealing system, which runs on 12V or 240V for convenience. 

  • Camp Kitchen: Set everything up with ease and keep your cooking off the ground with a transportable camp kitchen. This Camp Kitchen by BlackWolf features an aluminium frame, weather resistant slatted bamboo top surface, zip close cupboard with melamine shelves, a removable aluminium breeze blocker for the barbecue and a mesh sling shelf.

Shop our full range of camping cooking stoves, appliances and accessories today.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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