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Sick of packing away a wet tent? Looking for a little extra protection for your camping setup? A camping tarp is a great way to provide extra shelter, keep you better insulated and even extend your storage options.

Camping Tarp – The Must-Have Accessory For Every Adventure

A camping tarp is probably one of the simplest pieces of camping equipment you can find, but it provides some of the biggest benefits! Erecting a camping tarp over your tent can provide extra protection from bad weather, which allows your tent to breathe better. And putting a camping tarp under your tent can provide an extra barrier between you and the ground, which not only prevents the underside of your tent from getting soggy, it will also provide some extra insulation to your set-up and protect your tent from wear and tear.

For caravans and camper trailers, a camping tarp can be used as an awning to give you extra outdoor space that’s sheltered from the elements. Or use it on the ground to extend your porch area and enjoy more space for dry storage of your camping supplies. The possibilities for your camping tarp are endless!

Ready to buy your camping tarp? Check out these tarp covers and matting from Instahut, featuring heat reflective, waterproof and mildew resistant materials, with reinforced edges and corners for durability.

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