Warranty Policy

Service & Warranty Details:

At Caravan Rv Camping, we aim to provide the best service all round even when things go pear shaped we strive to get the best solution we can. we can

Do not send the item back with out contacting us first. We have warehouses Australia wide and sending the item to the incorrect location will cause a delay in the warranty and refund turnaround time.

Some product warranties may be handled directly by the manufacturer as they have specialist teams dedicated to the warranty and technical support regarding their products. They will also have their own service agents that meet their warranty standards. These products will need to be produced with the original packages if possible. Here is a list of our suppliers to help you get into contact with the correct warranty deptartment. 



03 9437 0937





03 9308 7444



07 5492 7777 


  Coast to Coast

07 3805 7117



07 3205 7599



03 9799 6455



Submitting a warranty claim-

  1. Contact Caravan Rv Camping via sales@caravanrvcamping.com and give all the details you can as to the nature of the product not working. Photos and diagrams will make this process quicker.  

  2. We will try to confirm whether the product is defective through simple testing. However, in certain situations, you may be required to send the product to us for in depth testing and analysis.

  3. Once the item has been confirmed to indeed be defective, it will be repaired or replaced under the warranty terms above.  

  4. If you sent the product to us and it is deemed to be functional, you have the choice to have the product returned to you at your own cost.

Warranty Exclusions

Conditions and warranties are excluded to the extent that they are permitted by law. The warranty conditions set out by Caravan Rv Camping are considered null and void if a defect, malfunction, or failure is caused by:

  • Negligence in following proper product installation, operation, or repair/maintenance instructions/protocols.

  • Use of a product for purposes other than those it was created or designed for.

  • Neglect, poor handling, and/or accidental damage.

  • Third-party alterations, repairs, and “mods”/modifications without the expressed written permission.

  • Tampering or variations to product markings and labelling (e.g. warranty stickers, serial numbers, etc.).

  • Contaminations of products by foreign matter, foreign material, or other products.

  • Incorrect charging methods, such as overcharging and undercharging.

Other Non-Included Warranty Items

  Any property or personal damage/injury, direct/indirect loss, consequential losses, and supplementary expenses are excluded to the extent that they are permitted by law.

  • Changes in product condition or operational ability resulting from incorrect storage, fitting, application, maintenance, environment, or others as described and permitted by law.

  • Extreme weather conditions.

Other Conditions

The first date of purchase is when the warranty period begins. Warranty periods will NOT be renewed or extended after a product repair or replacement. 

  • You must produce the sales receipt of the product as proof of purchase when a warranty claim is made, otherwise, we do not hold liability to replace or repair a product.

  • Warranties are only offered to the original end user of the purchased product. Warranties are not transferable to another party.

  • Warranty terms only apply to products purchased directly through Caravan Rv Camping or authorised resellers.