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Want to take your adventures out onto the water? We’ve got you covered with our range of marine generators.


Buy Marine Generators for Sailing and Boating

Looking for a marine generator made for sailing and boating? Our range of Fischer Panda marine generators ticks all the boxes. Fischer Panda marine generators are made to be compact, lightweight, quiet, and extremely efficient. These gensets are so compactly constructed, they require minimal space onboard your vessel. Petrol is not suitable for marine uses, which is why all Fischer Panda marine generators are driven by diesel engines from manufacturers including Farymann, Kubota and Mercedes Benz. With low fuel consumption, they are a more environmentally friendly option, and you won’t need to carry more fuel than you need.


Quiet Marine Generators for Relaxed Adventures

Nobody wants a noisy generator in the middle of a relaxing boating trip. That’s why we sell a range of marine generators designed for quiet operation. The Fischer Panda marine generator are housed within a sound insulated capsule to shield against noise and vibration. You will barely even notice it’s there!

Choose the right size for your marine vessel. We sell 5kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA and 15kVA marine generators. They are all inverter generators enabling you to run sensitive appliances and electronics safely. 


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