Pre-Wired Installation Boards

Pre-Wired Installation Boards

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Enerdrive ADU Kit
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Looking for a pre-wired installation board for your caravan, camper trailer or 4x4? We highly recommend you check out the Enerdrive power board range on Caravan RV Camping today.

Whether you’re a DIY handyman with basic electrical knowledge or a professional looking to save installation time, Enerdrive has created the easy-install solution. They come with a full wiring diagram showing each circuit and where to connect your loads, battery and inverter cabling. Plus, the Enerdrive Power Board systems come mounted on a 12mm Black plastic board which is water and rot resistant for simple mounting and maximum durability on your adventures.

Discover The Full Range Of Enerdrive Power Board Systems

The Enerdrive power board systems offer an all-in-one power solution that can fit neatly into your 4WD, caravan, camper trailers, commercial work vehicles and more. Check out the different layouts to fit nearly every possible application. Choose kits ranging from 20A AC and 40A DC chargers through to 40A AC & DC units with monitoring and low battery cut-out.

Wherever you’re heading and whatever your power needs, Enerdrive has it covered with these easy-install solutions. Check out our Enerdrive power board systems today and get set for your next adventure.

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