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So, you've decided that a caravan toilet is a must for your trip away. Which one will you choose? You can’t go past a cassette toilet with a removable waste tank from a reputable brand like Dometic or Thetford. In fact, Thetford pioneered the cassette toilet!


How Does A Cassette Toilet Work?

With a cassette toilet, a compact toilet bowl is installed over a removable waste tank. When you flush the toilet, the waste drops directly into the tank. When the tank is full, you simply remove it through a service door and empty it into the dump point. Easy! Cassette tanks are easy to dump and clean, making this toilet a popular choice for travellers.


Wide Range of Features

We stock a wide range of the best cassette toilets from Thetford and Dometic, including the most popular cassette toilets on the market. Toilets have been designed for maximum comfort and convenience. Choose toilets with huge waste-holding tank capacities, so you don’t need to empty it as often. Other options include a plastic or ceramic bowl, right or left-hand model, and a 12v electronic switch for the flush. You can also opt for a toilet that comes with an adjustable bowl that swivels in both directions to suit compact spaces.

Enjoy the convenience of a cassette toilet on your holidays. Browse our selection now.

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