Anti Flap Kits

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Keep your awning secure during a storm or strong winds with an awning anti flap kit. No matter where you travel, you just never know what the Aussie weather is going to throw at you! But rather than worrying about damage to your caravan awning, be fully prepared with an awning anti flap kit.


Protect Your Awning from Damage

Caravan awnings are a fantastic way to get more space around your caravan, enjoy shade from the sun and protection from the rain. But what happens when the wind whips up and your awning starts flapping around? You risk damage to your awning and some expensive repairs. That’s why an awning anti-flap kit is a must-have for caravan owners. Simply install a kit onto your caravan awning to secure it ready for those windy days.


Our range of awning anti-flap kits includes renowned caravan accessory brands like Camec and Coast to Coast, so you can be certain you are buying quality. Every kit is easy and quick to install. They work using a clamp that holds onto your awning’s outside edge for added stability.


Don’t risk damage to your caravan awning on windy days. Find the right awning anti-flap kit from Camec and Coast to Coast in our online store.