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Dometic Santorini 4x8 Inflatable Camping Tent, 8-Person
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Dometic Santorini 2x4 Inflatable Camping Tent, 4-Person
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Need help? Click here:  Inflatable Tent Buyer's Guide

Need help? Click here:  Camping Tent Buyer's Guide


An inflatable tent is the go-to tent for pretty much everything from your spontaneous weekend trips to your annual family holiday. These models from Dometic are super easy to set up and will save you valuable time, so you can enjoy your holiday even sooner!


What Is an Inflatable Tent?

An inflatable tent features inflatable poles that you just pump up! Multiple AirPoles inflate individually using a pump plus there’s a quick-pitch guiding element so you don’t have to manually guide it. It’s much faster and easier than rigid poles and gives your tent greater strength and better wind resistance. They are also easy to repair.


Dometic Inflatable Tents

Our range of Dometic inflatable tents includes spacious 4-person and 6-person tents in lots of different styles. You’ll find top features to suit everyone from beginner campers to camping enthusiasts. Planning a big family trip? Dometic inflatable tents have plenty of standing room and super wide bedrooms. You can also find tents with porches and awnings. Or for something more compact, check out the four person tents. Dometic’s inflatable tents are designed for maximum ventilation, air flow and breathability – perfect for warm summer nights in the outback. Choose tents made from either Weathershield polyester material or polycotton fabric. Both are durable, lightweight and weather-resistant.


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