Caravan Lithium Kit

Caravan Lithium Battery System

Lithium batteries for caravans are becoming increasiningly popular and affordable to run the every day household items while on the road.  Whether you are free camping or staying at an unpowered site at a caravan park, having a self sufficient setup to run the modern day caravnners appliances makes life on the road a lot more comfortable. The initial expense of a caravan lithium battery setup will be more than a normal AGM deep cycle battery setup, although when you factor in the lifespan of both systems side by side - a caravan lithium setup will save you dollars in the long run due to its superior longevity, whilst giving you the added convenience of running your normal household 240volt appliances off grid in that period.    

Imagine being on the road and finding a nice little free camping spot, and being able to use your microwave, hair dryer, air conditioner or washing machine without the need to find mains power! 

Generators are a popular alternative, although can be quite inconvenient when you can't use them in certain places - like national parks or at certain times like in caravan parks.  Having a caravan lithium battery system opens you up to easy caravanning wherever you choose to travel.