Caravan Pre Trip Checklist

Caravan Pre Trip Checklist

Planning a trip away is exciting, choosing your destination is the easy part. Preparing your rig for departure is far more important. Check out our list of must do's prior to leaving your driveaway.


Mechanical & Maintenance:

  • If you haven’t had your vehicle serviced lately, getting a service done before a big trip is advisable. The last thing you need is to breakdown in outback Australia. With the price of fuel, having your car running as efficiently as it can will help the back pocket. 

  • Is your tow vehicle suitable to carry the particular load? Make sure you know your towing limits & check your ball weight with the Black Jack Weight Scale.

  • Are your Tyres inflated enough? Check what the recommended tyre pressure is for your vehicle and caravan. If you plan on going off road tyre pressure will need to be adjusted so consider purchasing an Air Compressor such as the Drivetech 4x4 Air Compressor or the Bushranger Max Air. This is perfect when you are on the go to deflate and inflate as needed. 

  • Jack your caravan/ trailer, one side at a time. To check the wheel bearings grasp the tyres and give it a rock. If you feel that there is excessive movement make sure to book your caravan/ trailer in for a service.

  • Perform a couple of low speed brake tests to make sure that your caravan/ trailer brakes are functioning properly. THIS IS A MUST.. you do not want to be travelling at high speeds before you realise your brakes need adjusting. Don't have electric brake controller? Check out the Elecbrakes2 Electric Brake Controller. This plug and play option is great if you have more than one trailer or tow vehicle, simply swap and go. 

  • Check your batteries and gas bottles well before you need to leave. There is nothing worse than setting up camp in the dark with hot drinks cause the batteries have gone flat. An Enerdrive AC Battery Charger is the perfect solution to ensure your battery health is maintained at home and on the road. The last thing you need is hungry kids and no gas to start the BBQ. The Truma Gas Cylinder Level Check makes it easy to quickly check how full your bottles are before you hit the road. 



  • Your caravan is stored down the side of the house or in the back shed, before you plan on hitching up checkout the Kronings Camper Trolley range to make moving your caravan fail safe. Eliminate arguments or insurance claims on damage to your house and caravan by using the remote controlled powerful Kronings Camper Trolley for easy maneuvering of your precious investment. 

  • You're packed and ready to go, head to your nearest weighbridge and weigh your loaded and unloaded weight. Are you within your legal limits? If over, it is time to shed some gear. Check the caravan/ trailer’s suspension, does it look right? The load needs to be evenly distributed & balanced. If you are not evenly balanced it is time to look at some weight distribution hitches. The Fastway E2 Weight Distribution Hitch is a great solution for easy connection at the tow hitch and also offers sway control. 

  • Make sure that your load is stored securely even in side cupboards & storage areas. Evenly disperse your load throughout your caravan, limiting the amount of load in the front boot. The main weight ideally needs to be over the caravans axles. It is very important not to have excessive weight towards the back of the caravan. 

  • Check that the coupling and safety chains securely fastened? When you have 2 safety chains fitted make sure they are crossed as this will prevent your drawbar from having contact with the road if your van gets disconnected. If your caravan / trailer requires the use of D Shackles, ensure they have adequate strength to hold the ball weight.

  • Don’t leave your jockey wheel in your driveway! Ensure you have put your jockey wheel into your designated storage area or if it is on a swivel mount, lock it into position to travel. 

  • The next best step from a Jockey Wheel is to upgrade to the Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack. Even better check out our bundle with the Harness Kit and Jockey Block. The Black Jack eliminates the need for strenuous physical exertion when hitching or unhitching your caravan. With a quick connection to your 12V power supply direct from the van or tow vehicle and one push of a button and then Black Jack extends or retracts the coupling from your tow vehicle.  

  • Do a final lap around your caravan checking windows, hatches, doors, bike carriers and gas bottles are all closed or secured for travel. Wind up your stabilisers and remove any chocks, remembering to store them in your van for use at your next location. For an all round trusted brand check out the Redfoot Levelling Camper Levellers. 

  • Always release your handbrake right before you are going to head off!


Safe Towing:

  • Are all of your lights working? Check your brakes, right & left indicators, park lights, tunnel boot, awning, grab handle, doorway, cupboards, fridge, bathroom, check EVERY light. Always carry spare globes for your internal & external lights (especially brakes & indicators). If you are doing a large amount of night driving the Great White LED Driving Lights are built to last especially in the harsh Australian environment. 

  • Firstly make sure you do not buy cheap towing mirrors. Secondly please be sure to secure your mirrors properly. The Milenco Grand Aero Towing Mirrors securely fit to your existing mirrors providing ease of use, versatility but most of all greater viewing angles to keep you safe on the road.

  • Reversing cameras are also a great option to provide all round view when towing and reversing your caravan. The Furrion Vision S is a top choice, simply wire to your clearance or tail lights for permanent vision from behind. Plus, know exactly who and how far behind the vehicles are to your van.


Having gone through this guide, we trust that you're now prepared to set off on your journey, confident in the knowledge that you've attended to every aspect of your caravan's pre-trip requirements. These straightforward steps ensure a journey that's not only smooth and safe but also an avenue for creating treasured memories and uninterrupted exploration.

If you have any caravan product related questions feel free to reach out to our expert team on 1800 787 278. 


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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