Fastway Weight Distribution Hitch

Fastway Weight Distribution Hitch

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Getting your rig balanced is essential for towing safely and smoothly. Share the load between your caravan and towing vehicle with a weight distribution hitch. If you’re towing a long or heavy caravan, a weight distribution hitch is a great solution for a smoother tow.


How A Weight Distribution Hitch Works

Weight distribution hitches link the tow vehicle to the caravan or camper trailer, along with the coupling, to make it easier and smoother to tow. It simply helps share the load between the two vehicles, so the tow vehicle and van combination are level. Designed more for long or heavy caravans, you probably don’t need a weight distribution hitch for a light, well-balanced van.


Fastway Weight Distribution Hitch

We stock a wide range of Fastway weight distribution hitches to suit your needs. Fastway makes it easy to use hitches so you can quickly get on with towing. No need for chains, add on sway bars or dampening arms. Fastway boasts the best-selling built-in sway control and weight distribution hitch in the USA and are now for sale in our online store. Find the right hitch for your load.


Get on the road faster and enjoy a comfortable drive. Shop top-selling Fastway weight distribution hitches now.


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