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Looking for the ultimate practical flooring for your caravan annex or outdoor living area? See why mesh matting is an essential piece of gear for your caravan or camper trailer


Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Set-up with Mesh Matting

Mesh matting comes with tons of advantages for your outdoor area. It’s warm underfoot, while also being non-slip. The mesh weave also allows the air to circulate whilst stopping any annoying insects from coming through and ruining your fun.


Unlike many types of flooring, mesh matting is permitted by caravan parks too. Because the fabric is breathable fabric, mesh matting ensures that underlying grass is not killed. So, you can use it in grassy campsites without getting into trouble. And it’s easy to clean – just hose it down!


Mesh Matting for Tents

Shop our range of mesh matting for tents and awnings. They enhance your living area while also protecting the floor of your tent from sharp, damaging objects. The perfect way to make your trip comfier while prolonging the life of your tent.


With a wide range of mesh matting from Camec, Weisshorn CGear, Enduromat and OzTent, you’re sure to find the best one for your needs. Find a range of sizes to suit your annex or tent in our online store.

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