Caravan Microwaves & Rangehoods


Now you really can have all the home comforts on the road with a caravan microwave and rangehood. With a caravan microwave you can enjoy more time adventuring and less time slaving over a hot stove (or BBQ)!


Caravan Microwaves to Fit Your Space

Struggling to fit a full -sized microwave in your caravan? We have a wide range of caravan microwaves designed for compact spaces. We stock Camec and Dometic microwaves which are ideal for caravans and RVs. Not only are they compact, they are durable and will withstand bumps and vibrations on the road. We even have caravan microwave brackets for secure installation of your appliance.


Caravan Rangehoods

Don’t let cooking odours linger. Clear the air in your caravan with a specially-designed rangehood. Our extensive range includes rangehoods from Dometic, Sphere, NCE and more.


Power Your Kitchen Appliances

Look carefully at the caravan microwave and rangehood you purchase and how they are powered. If it is a 240V microwave and you aren't plugged into a caravan site, you will require an inverter to run it safely.


Explore our full range of caravan kitchen appliances to make your trip a breeze!