Floats & Strike Indicators

Floats & Strike Indicators

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Lost your favourite fishing float or strike indictor? Stock up at Caravan RV Camping.

Find a wide range of fishing floats and strike indicators to suit your needs and budget.


Buy The Fishing Float You Need

Fishing floats come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your fishing style. Perfect for keeping your bait off the bottom, we sell a wide range of fishing floats for general river, jetty and estuary fishing.

Want plastic floats that are ready to go? Just take the fishing float out of the packet and you’re ready to fish! Check out foam floats which are perfect for bay, jetty and rock fishing. Looking for an unweighted float? Try a foam cone float that can easily slip on or off the line. These unweighted floats are great for freshwater and serious rock fishing. Simply add the weight you need and get out there! We even sell glow floats so you can see your fishing floats under water. These are just a few from the range here at Caravan RV Camping.

Want to know when you’ve got a bite? Check out the strike indicators. We sell a double bell indicator that attaches to your rod tip, so when you get a bite or a tap the vibration sets off the bell! Buy your replacement fishing floats and strike indicators from top brands including Wilson and Sure Catch.

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