Solar Spare Parts

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Don't get caught out trying to find a broken or missing part for your solar panel while on the road. We have a wide range of Dometic solar spare parts.


Authentic Dometic Solar Spare Parts

Guarantee that you will get the correct spare part for your Dometic gear with our range of authentic solar spare parts. Simply identify your product using the data label inside, underneath or on the back of your product. Use the PNC/Product number or SKU to buy the correct part.

Everything You Need

Find a wide range of solar spare parts to keep your power running. Enjoy camping or travelling to remote places where power isn’t available? Solar panels are the answer to your power needs. But what if the unlikely happens and your solar fails? Or you lose a part? We know you rely on your solar kit to keep your adventure powered up. That’s why we offer everything from carry bags to brace support, cables and clamps to make sure your solar kit is always performing at its best. With solar spare parts, you can make sure your solar panels are working hard and your appliances are running longer.


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