Portable Fridge Slides

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Get easy access to your cold drinks in your portable fridge with our range of fridge slides. A fridge slide will secure your portable fridge firmly in your vehicle, while allowing easy slide out access to food and drink on demand. It’s never been easier to get a cold drink!


Why Buy A Fridge Slide?

A fridge slide is a must have accessory for 4WD and camper trailers. First, it keeps your portable fridge secure on the road, and off the road. So, when you’re travelling with your camping fridge, it won’t move around and get damaged. Secondly, a fridge slide gives you easy access to your chilled drinks as soon as you want them. No need to lug around a heavy camping fridge – simply slide it out and open the door! Portable fridge slides are a brilliant solution for every adventurer. 


Fridge Slides for Top Fridge Brands

Whether you have a Dometic, Engel or Evakool fridge, you’ll find a fridge slide to suit your fridge. We also sell universal fridge slides by RV Storage Solutions. Each fridge slide is constructed from heavy duty materials to last for many trips to come. Depending on the slide model, all you need to do to secure the fridge to the slide using the turn buckles and tie-down brackets, or screw in the fridge feet.


Browse our range to find the right fridge slide for your fridge and vehicle.


Dometic CFX Fridge Slide, for CFX95/100 & CFX3 95DZ
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RV Storage Solutions Tilt Combo 1 Fridge Slide
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RV Storage Solutions Tilt Combo 2 Fridge Slide
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RV Storage Solutions Tilt Combo 1.5 Fridge Slide
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RV Storage Solutions Tilt Combo 2.25 Fridge Slide
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