4 Signs You Should Head for Cover When You Can’t Access Your Weather App

4 Signs You Should Head for Cover When You Can’t Access Your Weather App

From early on meteorologist reports in the newspaper, to listening to the weatherman every night with prime time news and fast forward to now; we have real time apps forecasting the weathers what’s-doings up to a month in advance. We have a reliance on being in the know when it comes to the weather. It is a powerful determinant with whether or not certain plans come to life or whether it is pushed back to another time – regardless of whether the predictions are accurate or not. This dependence on precise weather prediction technology leaves us craving tell-tale signs of weather changes. Especially when we are unable to access WIFI and are out in the wilderness. When you’re feeling powerless to the elements, here are 4 signs you should head for cover when you’re out on your explorations.

  1. What are the animals doing?

Our animal friends have finer tuned senses to the rain than we do. Birds tend to fly lower when rain is approaching due to the reduced air pressure, ants seem to disappear and you will notice their ant hills have steeper peaks to protect their colony and seagulls get out of the water and head to the coast. We can count on them to give us tell-tale signs that it’s time to pitch the tent or find some shelter.

  1. What’s that smell?

We have experienced that shift in smell in the air. It just smells like rain is coming. The air is thicker and you can smell more nature then you’ve noticed in the days before. This is because plants expel their waste when they know rain is coming. While it’s all so intriguing to consider, you should definitely trust your nose when it comes to sensing an incoming downpour.

  1. What does your body say?

Perhaps you’re noticing your partner’s hair has a little more frizz than it did earlier in the morning? Or maybe your achy joints have just started making themselves known. Either way, when there are changes in humidity and air pressure drops your body reacts before your conscious mind notices.

  1. What’s the campfire up to?

Stories as old as time began around the campfire. It’s also where you can come when you want an indication on what the weather is up to. The smoke from the fire should rise at a steady pace upwards when the night is clear. Just before rain is about to set in, the smoke will swirl around and become unpredictable with its direction. This is due (again) to a drop in air-pressure.

While these techniques aren’t sure fire ways to predict a change in weather conditions, they may just give you enough of a warning to make it to cover in time. You’d rather be safe than sorry, right?  It may take a little while before you fine tune your observation skills but you will feel like a bit like a boy scout when your radar is on the mark and you’re safely nestled under a ledge. You will be sure to impress your mates with your Bear Grylls like intuition.  

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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