5 Activities to Keep on Board for When Less than Ideal Weather Strikes

5 Activities to Keep on Board for When Less than Ideal Weather Strikes

But when you are stuck for more than a couple of days, you can get cabin fever and begin to go stir-crazy from the boredom. Especially if you’re not prepared. When weather is bad your TV antenna can be affected too, so it’s important not to rely on this alone as your main source of entertainment. While space on board the caravan is limited, what activities can you bring along with you to keep you going during the tough times?

  1. Crosswords, Sudoku and Word Searches

Don’t underestimate the power of a good old book of puzzles. Whether you like the number challenges or an eye-spy word puzzle, a book of brain teasers and a variety puzzles is sure to help the time pass.

  1. Colouring in Books

If you haven’t noticed the latest craze of adult colouring in books you’ve been on the road for too long. All jokes aside, this is a therapeutic and time consuming activity that will zap away the hours of being stuck in the wet. You can get quite small books too, so they won’t take up too much space and you can choose your weapons – pencils, gel pens, or felt tip markers.

  1. Small Board Games and Cards

There’s no doubt about it. A pack of cards should be permanently stowed away in your caravan. They are the perfect entertainment if you are on a solo trip, with your partner or with a group of friends. Partner a pack of cards with other small and simple board games that you can whip out when you need some distracting and you will be set for when the heavy down pour sets in.

  1. A pre-loaded USB with lots of movies

When your antenna isn’t quite able to get through the rain clouds or nothing else is on TV to watch, ensure you have with you a USB (that can fit into your TV or laptop) that’s preloaded with all of your favourite movies, TV Shows and documentaries. You never know what you’ll feel like so make sure you have lots of variety at your fingertips ready to go.

  1. A Kindle

Books can take up so much room and they are so hard (mentally) to part with once you have finished reading them. This means they can take up so much space in the van until you get back home again. Not to mention if you are stuck in a bout of bad weather you’ll go through your books quite fast. Having a preloaded kindle with your favourite authors means you will have endless reading material and you won’t be impeding on space in the van.

If you can pack even a couple of the above ideas, you will have endless of hours of entertainment covered. You’ll be having just as much fun as the ducks outside and won’t be in any rush to move onto your next leg of the journey if you have the right supplies!

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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