5 Australian Conservation Projects You Can Contribute To On Your Travels

5 Australian Conservation Projects You Can Contribute To On Your Travels

When you’re out on the road you have plenty of time to consider what you want to do with your time, especially leading up to your retirement years. No doubt, you will experience and witness numerous encounters with native wildlife and you can’t help but consider contributing in some way. Contributing doesn’t mean you must dedicate hours on end with a rake in the heat of the Aussie sun, there are other ways you can make a big difference depending on what cause hits home for you.

Australia Zoo

Our very own wildlife warrior Steve Irwin pathed the way for animal conservation in Australia and arguably the world. The conservation efforts at the Queensland based zoo vary and is the most recognised in households across the country. With their wide range of animals, you can support by dedicating your time, adopting an animal or by donating money to support their conservation programs. If you’re not local to the Sunshine Coast you can still do your bit with their established Wildlife Warriors projects. You can learn more here.

Australian Marine Conservation Society

With Australia being the third largest marine territory country in the world, we have a lot of to do when it comes to leading by example. To protect such an incredible part of the world (under the sea), it takes a lot of time, money and effort. Our oceans are home to such magnificent creatures and is a huge part of what forms our identity as Australians. With the AMCS head office in Brisbane, you can help in various ways. They are always on the lookout for administration assistance in their head office, helping run events as well as bequests and donations for their various causes. If none of these are of interest to you, you can also sign some of their petitions they have on their website here. What’s awesome about this way to help is that it’s free.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Here’s a not so fun fact, Australia has the worst extinction rate of mammals in the entire world with a high percentage of surviving animals (approximately 1700 species) still listed as threatened species. The AWC’s tactic to combat this serious issue is to acquire land through partnerships with land owners and then implement strategies on these lands to manage the animals that live there. Now owning/managing 25 properties (over 3.25 million hectares across Australia) this conservation organisation can protect a wide range of endangered species. Their work involves weed eradication, fire management and controlling destructive feral animals. You can become a part of this organisation in several ways, including corporate partnerships, workplace giving, volunteering in the field or by donating.You can learn more here.

For the Animals

For the Animals is a little different for a conservation project. While the company is Australian (being run from Perth, Western Australia) the conservation efforts go 100% to South-East Asia’s animals. Asia is Australia’s backyard and there are some of the world’s most intelligent and exquisite animals living there that are in jeopardy. To support the For the Animals organisation you can donate money by being a member, purchase their branded products, sponsor an animal or join one of their missionary trips and travel to Cambodia to help in a more hands on environment. You can learn more by visiting their website

Taronga Zoo

The Taronga Zoo helps animals both here at home as well as endangered species around the world. Well known for their conservation efforts and development, the Taronga Zoo has multiple ways for people to get involved who wish to chip in. Whether you have marketing skills you’d like to donate or if you want to help with manual labour around the zoo grounds there is something for everyone. With specialised adoption programs, fundraising events, corporate sponsorships, donation memberships and hands on programs, there’s lots you can do if you’re interested in helping out.

These are just some conservation programs available for you to participate in. If you have a special cause in mind, a quick Google search will help you uncover some causes that could use with your help. Don’t be turned off by the ‘volunteer positions are not currently available’ tagline you may see on some websites. These can sometimes get forgotten about by the website manager, so if you’re interested it’s always a good idea to call or email the organisation anyway. The thing with charities is they won’t turn away someone who wants to help. Getting amongst these type of communities is extremely fulfilling and is something we recommend to anyone who is looking for a challenge and a way to give back when you do get the chance to give more of your time.

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