5 FREE Podcasts to Listen to While You’re On the Road

5 FREE Podcasts to Listen to While You’re On the Road

The variety of podcasts available now are soaring and this means you can listen to almost any topic that intrigues you. If you need a bit of a rewind, let me explain firstly what a podcast is and then we can dive into some of Australia’s most popular ones at the moment.

So what is a podcast and why should you tune in? You can think of podcasts as pre-recorded radio-style shows on various topics, hosted by various people. They are uploaded onto the internet and allow you to subscribe to them so they automatically load onto your device when connected to the internet.

Types of podcasts range anywhere from history podcasts, science podcasts, podcasts with comedians, business podcasts and even podcasts on politics. The range of shows are hosted by experts or entertainers and bring to you an engaging style of content which is generally either educational or amusing. With hundreds of different shows available, here are just 5 of Australia’s most popular and free podcasts that you can start enjoying today.

  1. Wilosophy

Comedian Wil Anderson invites familiar Aussie names onto his show to discuss and probe their life stories out of them in an attempt to uncover their meaning of life. With some silly questions and a few laughs, Wil and his guests entertain and leave you pondering about what the meaning of life is for you. With 38 episodes live and ready to listen to, simply download them to your iPod or smart phone for easy listening to while you’re on your next road trip.

Click here to tune into Wilosophy on iTunes.

  1. Hamish and Andy

Household icons Hamish and Andy have brought their radio and TV show antics to the podcast-o-sphere. What can you expect? Well if you’re familiar with their other production you can expect more of their prankster antics, celebrity interviews, silly discussions and everything else you’d hope for in a light and breezy podcast.

Listen to Hamish and Andy here on iTunes.

  1. Sleek Geeks

Sleek Geeks sees Dr Karl and Adam Spencer mix science with humour in a test tube as they set out to answer some of the mystifying scientific obscurities we encounter on a daily basis. Think Myth Busters on the radio and you won’t be disappointed. It’s both entertaining and educational and there are approximately 40 episodes you can start listening to right away.

You can find Sleek Geeks here on iTunes.

  1. Conversations with Richard Fidler

Produced by ABC, conversations with Richard Fidler takes a bit more of a serious approach to podcasting. Richard interviews Aussie’s that you’ve probably heard of but never met. He gets deep into their life stories and how they got to where they are today. With over 50 episodes ready to listen to, you will have lots of hours covered by tuning in with this podcast.

Listen to Conversations with Richard Fidler here.

  1. Stop the Posts

Aussie comedians James Colley and Nick Fischer get down and dirty with current affairs and news headlines. This isn’t your regular news updates though, they hone in on each weeks insane, bizarre and hilarious comments and stories on all major news sites. This podcast has been compared to ABC great; The Chaser and will leave you in stitches as you drive along.

You can tune in to Stop the Posts on iTunes here.

Once you’ve downloaded and listened to a couple of podcasts and are familiar with how to operate them on your device and in your car, you will be in love (if you’re not already). With so much amazing content out there now, there is no reason to be bored while you are heading into the horizon. If you and your driving companion aren’t interested in the same things, never fear! There’s no reason why you can’t both put headphones on and listen to your own shows at the same time. It may seem a little ant-social at first, but if you’re both having a good time, there’s plenty of time left to chat in between episodes. 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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