5 Items of Clothing You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

5 Items of Clothing You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

You don’t want to miss out on something you could end up needing, but you also don’t want to lug an entire wardrobe around. So let's focus on the 5 most essential items of clothing that you must always take along on your road trips.

The key to packing light – no frills, and ready for every drill

Forget about too much variety, run a mental check of the kinds of activities you might engage in, and pack durable, comfortable clothes that won’t come in the way of your adventures. Comfortable and hardy walking shoes are a must (hiking shoes if you’re going to the mountains), as are rubber thongs for caravan park shower areas. But these are also pretty obvious. What kind of clothes do you pack, and how many of each? Well, here goes:

1. Socks and underwear

Yes, this is what we’re starting this list with, and we’re clubbing the two together because you’ll need lots and lots of both. Repeat outerwear as much as you like (in fact, repeating will save you a world of laundry hassle), but you must pack fresh socks and underwear for every day of your trip.

2. Your ‘old faithful’ jeans

By that we mean rugged, reliable and resilient. This may be the only pair of pants you carry on your holiday, depending on how much space you’re willing to commit to clothing. So make a wise choice. Jeans will help you brave the harsh sun and cold weather, and are much more robust and versatile than a bunch of different trousers.

3. Tracksuit pants

In chilly weather, trackies will keep you protected from the cold. And even if you’re taking a summer trip, a trackie dacks will come in handy during an early morning walk, if the weather changes abruptly, or if your pyjamas don’t suffice on an unexpectedly cool night.

4. A presentable non-iron outfit

This can range from a long sleeved T-shirt and sarong, to a non-iron shirt to go with your jeans. This outfit is for special occasions, say if you take a break from the wilderness and head to a restaurant or club. Just one such outfit per person is enough. The rest of your travel wardrobe should focus on basic everyday wear for your treks, hikes and camping adventures.

5. A large hat for summer and a beanie for winter

Headgear tends to be neglected during frenzied last-minute packing. Which is why we’re closing our list with this very important accessory that your camping gear is incomplete without. A large, foldable hat is an absolute must-have during summer camping trips, and should be replaced by a comfortable beanie if you’re heading out during the cold season.

Also remember...

While choosing the items of clothing to take along on your next caravanning trip, make sure you factor in their colours. Do not opt for anything that might bleed colour, because when on the road, you won’t have the luxury of ample water to run separate wash cycles for separate colours. Also, follow the ‘old is gold’ rule while picking out your camping clothes. Whatever you carry along has a good chance of being rendered unwearable once you’re back home. If you don’t maintain a separate set of camping clothes, just avoid packing brand new garments, or garments that you’re too attached to.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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