5 Tips to Capturing Good Quality Photos When You’re Holidaying

5 Tips to Capturing Good Quality Photos When You’re Holidaying

Whether you are going to print them for you photo album or upload them to Facebook for your family to see straight away, it’s amazing what a couple of tweaks to your photography style can do for the quality of your photos. No matter what you are using to take the photos on, iPhone or some sort of fancy DSLR camera, watch your photos impress your friends once you’ve implemented these simple tips.

1. Learn the thirds of photography

Most, every day digital cameras and smart phones come with an option to turn on the ‘grid’ mode. Basically, it overlays two vertical lines with two horizontal lines over the picture so that on your screen you can see 9 sections to your image. Once this function is enabled, it is advised by photographers that you place the items of visual interest on the lines or at the sections that intersect together. This ensures the focus area of your photo sits in a nice spot. For example, instead of taking a photo of a tree with the tree in the dead centre, align it along the top third or bottom third line (depending on whether you want to focus on the grass or the sky). So no matter what you’re taking a photo of, place it on the left or right third lines. Like the example in this photo.

2. Smart Phone? Double Tap the Screen

If you are using a smart phone, you can focus in on the subject of your photo (whether it’s your friend, pet or your caravan) by double tapping on the object on your screen. This will lock the focus onto this spot of your screen and you can then take a clearer photo with less blur.

3. Change your elevation, angle or view point

You have probably seen some crazy photographers in your time, rolling around on the floor, kneeling on one knee or climbing up tree branches. Well, they aren’t as crazy as you once thought. Changing the positioning of yourself will drastically change the vibe the photo gives. So when taking a photo of an animal for example, it’s good to lower yourself to the animal’s eye level (instead of taking a photo shooting downwards). There are lots of different examples of angles you should use when taking photos of various things. Experiment and see what you find works for different settings.

4.Take Photos When You’re Not Moving

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get in a rhythm of taking photos while on the go. Especially if you’re on a bush walk or driving in the car. But no matter what stabilisation settings your camera or smart phone has, they will be blurry if you don’t just take a second to stop. Even when you’re not moving your photos can be slightly blurred. Which is why so many avid photographers invest in tripods. Everyone has a slight tremor in their hands when taking photos (you may not even be able to see or feel it) but it will always have a slight effect on the photo regardless of how ‘still’ you’re being.

5. Turn Off Flash and Shoot in Natural Light

While flash is improving with each updated model, it still gives off an unnatural hue in lots of photos and can at time removes the authenticity of the shot. If you can wait for natural light to take the photo, then the quality will be so much better.

There are lots of tips you can work on to make your photo quality soar, but start with these easy ones and you will build more confidence as you go. With all things, doing a little can go a long way. Happy travels and happy snapping!

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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