7 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Bush Walking on Your Big Lap

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Bush Walking on Your Big Lap

Perhaps you’ve seen people with walking poles and chuckled at their choice attire and thought that’d never be you. But when you’re setting off for your big lap you may not realise yet that your regular exercise routine is probably going to fly out the window. So when you can’t go to your regular Pilates classes, this is why you should take up bush walking as your new hobby.

  1. It’s a great workout. Your legs, your core, even your arms get involved with this holistic exercise regime. You’ll be leaning over, leaning backwards, crouching down and take big jumps. You’ll be using muscles you didn’t know you had!
  2. It’s great for your cardiovascular health. Which means your heart is getting a work out as well as your muscles.
  3. It increases your balance and agility. You must be careful with where you decide to place your feet and be able to move quickly – especially if rocks are wobbly. While your navigating your way over boulders your core muscles get a big workout in an attempt to keep your stable.
  4. Bush walking not only helps your muscles it also strengthens your bones and joints. As it is a weight bearing exercise it is a very good workout for your overall osteo health.
  5. Being outdoors is not only physically beneficial, it is also good for your mind. It’s even said that bush walking is a hobby endorsed for managing depression and anxiety.
  6. Choosing which path to take in a split second or even a few minutes is good exercise for your brain as lots of strategy is a required to work out which way you should take with minimal obstacles and risk.
  7. Not only is bushwalking good for your health, but is also lots of fun. Which in turn is good for your health. Whether you’re walking alone or with friends, you will have a great time getting acquainted with nature and no doubt seeing some animals along the way.

If you haven’t given bushwalking a go yet, your big lap is a good opportunity to try something new. You will probably find you love it. Even when you get home again, you’ll struggle finding a capital city or town that doesn’t have close access to a national park or reserve for you to explore. Remember to stretch before each bush walk and take plenty of water with you so you don’t get dehydrated. It’s also a good idea to cover yourself up in mosquito repellent, suitable protective clothing and shoes as well as telling people where you are going- especially if you’re adventuring on your own. 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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