Drones – The Perfect Toy and Accessory for Your Next Caravanning Adventure

Author: Tahlia Maynard   Date Posted:3 October 2016 

Drones are one of those awesome inventions that mix play with purpose and with new laws just passed, we can all have a little bit more fun without the risk of getting into trouble.

If you aren’t exactly sure what a Drone is, it’s basically a remote control flying apparatus that may also have the ability to take photos or video footage from great heights. Imagine the cool photos you will be able to take of your campsite or of the scenery of the outback when you’re out on the big lap. Finally you’ll be able to capture the real essence of your trip and have stacks of fun while doing so. Unfortunately, as with most things, there are some rules you have to abide by. So here is the latest information from the Australian Government about flying drones.   

So what are the regulations?

As of 29th September 2016, the Federal Government has passed legislation which allows people to operate ‘very small’ RPA’s (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) without certification. The term ‘very small’ is defined by drones weighing less than 2kgs. These drones are considered an excluded aircraft and need to still be operated in standard RPA operating conditions (we will get to that).

Standard RPA operating conditions means that the RPA must be operated:

They are NOT to be operated:

With lots of guidelines, it’s important to do your research as hundreds of dollars’ worth of fines can head your way if you aren’t mindful. It has even been reported that law enforcement personnel have been trolling YouTube accounts for Drone footage that isn’t meeting the standards and sending fines to the user. So, if you are ready for all the fun and excitement of getting your drone into the atmosphere, study up so you don’t get into trouble or hurt anyone. In this case, rules aren’t there to be broken. Here's a cool example of some drone footage out in Emerald.

If you have any queries or questions in relation to the new laws you can visit the Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment here.