How to Make Sure You Get a Good Night Sleep in Your Caravan

How to Make Sure You Get a Good Night Sleep in Your Caravan

Especially if you are brave enough to embark on an adventure around school holiday time. Getting a good night’s sleep in any situation is important but even more so when you face a big driving day ahead. So how can you guarantee you will have a good sleep? Well, you can’t exactly. But there are lots of little things you can do that will definitely help you sleep through the hustle and bustle of neighbouring caravanners, cars starting in the early hours and not to mention the kookaburras.

Invest in a pair of ear plugs

For a mere $2 a pair, ear plugs will take you to faraway dream lands. It’s incredible how much sound they can drown out. They especially make a difference with sudden and abrupt noises that would otherwise wake you without a doubt.

Eye masks aren’t just for aeroplanes

To avoid headlights shining straight through your windows and subsequently your retinas, wearing a good quality sleep mask will block at all the light that tells your brain it’s time to wake up.

Turn your fan or air conditioner on

A light hum from your air conditioner or fan will drown out a lot of background noise. Creating a nice white noise, an air conditioner or fan will also ensure you don’t wake up hot and bothered. Paired with your ear plugs you won’t hear a thing and you will be comfortable. Maybe you won’t even notice your partners snoring.

Limit your caffeine

Although a nice cuppa late at night is awfully tempting, especially when it’s a bit cooler, it’s important to know this will lead to a more restless sleep. Keep the caffeine consumption towards the end of the day nice and low to avoid that pesky insomnia before a days driving. Even if you’re a veteran caffeine drinker, you will most likely find yourself drifting off nice and quickly if your body isn’t laced with that keep-you-up buzz from caffeine.

So you are nice and rested before your next escapade on the bitumen use some of these helpful tips to get a good night sleep. Your body and mind will certainly be thankful and you never know, these tips may just become every night habits.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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