How to Minimise the Eye Roll Moments when Travelling with Teenagers

How to Minimise the Eye Roll Moments when Travelling with Teenagers

If you’re lucky to have children who fall in both categories, then you really do have your hands full. Teenagers are known to want their space, especially while juggling their school work, social calendars and part time jobs. So when they are somewhat forced to hop in the car and caravan with their family you are bound to get a bit of resistance, sarcasm and some eye rolling. So how can you make the whole journey as enjoyable for them as possible, while keeping the peace for the entire family? Here are a few tips for you to consider before you embark on your next family adventure.

Tell them in advance

Catching them off guard with a trip that you only just decided to go on last minute, will surely ruffle your teenager’s feathers. If you can give as much notice as possible, your teenager will be prepared and you’ll step on the right foot as soon as you leave. A last minute trip will undoubtedly cause a little apprehension so enough warning is a must to keep everyone happy about your upcoming getaway.

Give them set responsibilities

It can often pay to treat your teenager like an adult. With being an adult comes responsibility, so gearing your teenager up with a few tasks that they are solely in charge of will sure to get them on board. Discussing with your teenager/s what tasks they’d like to do will make them feel like they are valued and their opinion does count for something.

Give them space when you can

While you are confined in space both in the car and in the caravan, it’s important to give them space when you can. Let them walk to the convenient store on their own, or leave them in peace if you can see them sitting in a quiet spot. Respect their need for alone time without prodding them with questions and it will certainly be appreciated.


Keeping your teenagers in the know with all decisions as well as asking for their opinion can easily be overlooked. It’s important to remember that your decisions do impact your children and while it’s easier to just consort with your partner, you will be more likely to keep the peace in the long run if everyone has an opportunity to have their say. Keeping communication lines open is important for a harmonious trip.

Invite a friend or convoy with friends

If you have room in your caravan for one more person, why don’t you allow your teenager to invite a friend along? If that’s not possible, what about if you invite a family of friends with you. Having other people there on your trip tends to keep the vibe a bit more fun and less like a drain for everyone. If your teenager has a friend there with them, they will be kept entertained and is sure to have a much more enjoyable time, which also in turn means a more enjoyable time for everyone else.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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