Save Space with these 5 Versatile Ingredients for Your Caravanning Trip

Author: Tahlia Maynard   Date Posted:19 December 2016 

Food takes up a lot of space in your caravan, so here are a few ingredients to have on hand that can be used in multiple ways or have a long shelf life for your time on the road.

Limited space is part and parcel of the caravanning life. Despite all the upgrades that have made their way into the millennial caravan in recent years, the fact remains that you have to pack light, shed that extra baggage, and only carry the essentials whenever you head out on a caravanning holiday. Designers around the world are constantly at work to devise smart storage solutions for caravans. They try to respond to the problem of limited space by means of multipurpose furniture, compact appliances, retractable shelving, and so on.

But if there’s one caravan essential that is underestimated in its ability to eat into your available space, it’s food. Carrying enough to feed the whole family 3 times a day can amount to a pretty large volume of groceries. Even if you’re travelling alone, just try and create a list of ingredients for every one of your meals, and picture them all stored together in your compact caravan. Packing for a week-long caravanning trip suddenly turns into a much bigger challenge. As such, it makes sense to innovate with your recipes a little, and save some larder space by means of multipurpose ingredients. Here are 5 versatile ingredients that’ll work beautifully in a number of preparations and cooking styles:

  1. Whole wheat tortilla

There are many pros of carrying a pack of whole wheat tortillas with you on your next caravanning trip. Firstly, they can find a place in practically every meal you cook. Use them in place of bread for breakfast. Slap on some peanut butter, or turn them into egg fajitas. For lunch and dinner, try out a variety of recipes with tuna, cheese or meats as filling, or with hummus or beans on the side. Tortillas save you a whole lot of storage space when compared to the usual loaves of bread, and because they’re whole wheat, they’ll also be healthier and keep your fibre intake right. If you’re not a fan of tortillas, you could replace them with flatbreads of your choice.

  1. Sardines or tuna

Canned sardines or tuna can be really, really handy around a caravan. They make for a tasty snack on toast. Sardines in particular can double up as a sandwich filling, baguette topping, spaghetti accompaniment, or salad ingredient. There’s no end to the number of recipes you can incorporate them in. They can also be paired with practically any side dish, ranging from beans to chickpeas to broccoli.

  1. Yoghurt

Besides its own taste and health benefits, yoghurt is often great as a replacement for sour cream or coconut cream. You can freestyle it into a number of dips, and in fact end up with healthier, low-fat alternatives to the original recipes. Though yoghurt has a low shelf life, carrying small yoghurt packets will help you whip some up whenever you need it.

  1. Rice

You might not eat too much rice as part of your usual diet, but you might want to consider taking a pouch along on your caravanning trip. Rice is among the most versatile ingredients out there, and also carries the advantage of simple, no-nonsense cooking. Steamed rice works with a variety of lentils and bean preparations, and parboiled rice can be worked into a delicious pilaf or fried up with meat, vegetables or eggs for a tasty, filling meal.

  1. Canned chickpeas

Chickpeas in general lend themselves to an array of different cuisines. And the canned variety in particular is great as a caravanning staple, because it just needs to be soaked in water to become edible. Fashion chickpeas into protein-rich vegan salads or one-pot preparations with vegetables, spices and dressings of your choice.

So put your storage-space woes to rest this caravanning holiday. These versatile ingredients will save you not only some extra space in your caravan, but also some extra time to quit worrying and start having fun with food instead!