4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Family Camping this Father’s Day

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Family Camping this Father’s Day

It’s just about that time of year again. The annual struggle of working out what the perfect gift would be for either your father or your husband. What on earth do you give the guy who already has it all? Arguably, time is the most precious commodity we have, right? So a weekend away without life’s distractions with his precious family is sure to be the most appreciated gift of all.  If you’re not convinced yet, here are some more reasons why you should be spending this Father’s Day weekend in the great outdoors.

1. Spring has sprung

It is neither too hot nor cold and the birds are chirping. This time of year is the perfect time to spend outside with your camping chair while the kids get to play with their Dad. It is still cool enough for you to enjoy the campfire and toasted marshmallows but it is also warm enough to forget about wearing heaps of layers. You can even tempt fate with a swim at this time of year without the fear of hypothermia taking you to the hospital.  September truly is a beautiful time of year for getting back in touch with nature especially after hibernating over the chilly winter months.

2. Unplug it

Spending time with your Father or Husband this Father’s Day without WIFI connectivity will bring everyone back to the root of your relationships. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Where there is no WIFI you will find connection.”. Beautiful isn’t it? Forget updating Facebook and Instagram, give the gift of your undivided attention and you will no doubt have an amazing weekend away.

3. It won’t drain the bank account

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a gift that will be forgotten about in a months’ time or spending thousands on a weekend away in a luscious resort; camping really does give you the most bang for buck in the gift department. Whether you’re pitching a tent or plugging in the caravan at your favourite camping ground, this is an extremely affordable way to spend a weekend away.  

4. It’s seriously fun

There is no denying that camping is one of the best ways to spend time with family. You’ll make lifelong memories on each and every trip and will be something your children will cherish as a part of their childhood. They’ll love waking up with the birds on Father’s Day and getting to spend time playing games that you can’t always play when you’re at home. Plus, it’s a good excuse for the Father’s out there to be a big kid too. What Dad doesn’t love playing a good old fashioned game of Hide and Seek in the wild?

Going away for the weekend is a good chance to recharge your batteries and at the end of the day you don’t need an excuse to go. But, if you have been looking for a good enough reason to head out of town with your favourite people then Father’s Day seems like the most perfect reason there is.  


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