5 Tips for Travelling in a Convoy with Friends

5 Tips for Travelling in a Convoy with Friends

There are so many reasons why travelling in a group is the best way to go when it comes to your next trip. Having friends on the road with you is such an amazing way to keep the laughs coming, have memories that will last a lifetime and not to mention solidify your friendship for years to come. With all of the fun bound to be had, it’s vital to keep these below tips in mind so travelling in a convoy doesn’t become more of a hassle than what it’s worth.

  1. Be organised before the trip

If possible, catch up with everyone (all together) before the trip. Establish who is responsible for what, who is bringing what equipment and what everyone’s goals are for the trip. If you are initiating the planning, make sure everyone is aware of the necessity of honesty. If you don’t speak up during the lead up of the trip it’s a lot harder on the group if you want to change plans partway through. It’s a good idea to print off an itinerary and a responsibilities check list so there can be no confusion between the parties.

  1. Communicate on the road

Make sure everyone knows to keep their phones on them and on ‘loud’ mode. Be aware of each other’s phone carriers in case some of you have trouble with reception in faraway areas. If you know you are going quite regional and cannot rely on a phone connection, it is worth getting set up with a two-way radio and connecting to the same channel.

  1. Establish a leader and a follower

It’s important to establish a leader and a follower of the group when you’re travelling so that no one is left behind and lost wandering the outback without a clue on where to go. The follow should stay at the back of the pack and always being communicating with the leading caravan. Mastering the actual convoy can be difficult, so try and keep the most patient driver at the rear and the most adventurous driver leading the way.

  1. Have regular stops

Plan stops ahead of each travel day and let everyone know what the plan is. Of course there may need to be an emergency bathroom stop or similar along the way, so keep your phone or radio at the ready and if you do need to stop make sure you let the group know with a little bit of warning if possible. This will help make sure the group doesn’t get split up.

  1. Be considerate

When planning, organising, and right up until the last night of the trip; try and be considerate to everyone in your group. You don’t want this to be the last trip you’re invited on. Be sympathetic to other people situations, voice your opinions with forethought and tact and try your best to respect other people’s equipment when you’re using it.

These are just five tips to ensuring your trip goes smoothly with friends out on the road. Most importantly though, have fun! Going on any sort of trip with friends is going to be a blast, so keep this in mind if you do experience any hiccups along the way.  

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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