How to Earn Money When You’re Not Using Your Caravan

How to Earn Money When You’re Not Using Your Caravan

You could potentially be earning $560-$980 a week for your caravan or up to $1200 a week for a motorhome.

It almost sounds too good to be true? But there are actually several online platforms making headway in the Australian caravanning industry. However, one platform stands out and is in fact backed by NRMA. Camplify is gaining lots of media coverage and has received a very warm welcome by caravanners Australia-wide. The Founder of Camplify Justin Hales has said that owning a caravan is an even greater investment than ever before. In comparison to more traditional investments like shares or property, a $45,000 caravan rented out for 80 days a year could provide an annual return after costs of 30 per cent. These astounding figures mean more and more grey nomads are putting their caravans up for hire and in turn gaining a significant income in return.

So what exactly is Camplify and how does it work?

Camplify is Australia's largest online caravan hire and RV sharing community. The platform connects caravan and RV owners together with holiday goers in a secure environment. The platform itself allows owners to earn extra income while their caravan is not in use. As for the customers who are hiring the caravans and RV’s, they get to experience the pleasures of caravanning without the outlay of buying a caravan themselves. It really is a win, win.

4 Simple Steps to Registering

  1. Create a free account by answering a few simple questions
  2. Press the ‘Hire Out My RV’ button, upload some photos or request a free photographer to take photos of your vehicle.
  3. Set your availability, rates and rules on the Camplify dashboard. If you aren’t sure how much you should be hiring your caravan out for, you can use the simple online calculator tool here.
  4. Wait for Camplify to approve your listing.

Once you are all set up you can change any details from the Camplify dashboard. Approved holiday goers will then contact you via the messaging system and you can decide whether or not you want to hire out your RV or Caravan to them, based on previous reviews and anything else they mention to you in their message.

In comparison to other online caravan hire platforms Camplify includes free NRMA road side assistance with all bookings. This means you won’t be receiving phone calls in the middle of the night from your guests. Being backed by NRMA means you can sleep easy knowing your van is in good hands.

So if you aren’t able to use your freedom machine 100% of the year it might be a good idea to think about the income you could earn by letting other people enjoy it. It will certainly help maintain your vehicle, reduce the amount of storage you have to pay for, allow you to meet some really cool people and will provide some side income for you to enjoy. Camplify really has thought of it all and it certainly is providing RV and Caravan owners with more options than they’ve ever had before.  

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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