Extreme Picnicking in Victoria Taking Dining to New Heights

Extreme Picnicking in Victoria Taking Dining to New Heights

How do you fancy having a picnic 300 metres suspended on a cliffs edge in Victoria? Sporting a harness and a helmet, you can dine on fresh local produce with a view that will exist in your mind for a lifetime. This is the only portaledge experience in Australia and it certainly hasn’t been half-done. Taking the plunge at any time of year (except in winter) this unique experience really is a bucket-list item and is the perfect surprise for your partner if you don’t think they’d be keen to know all of the finer details of

Portaledge is perfect for everyone

This incredible experience is for people of all ages. The portaledge is only for two people and it does require a 25 metre and then a 40 metre abseil down the granite cliff face to get to the designated spot. With a thorough training session beforehand, you will definitely be prepared for the descent and harnessing requirements. Perched high on the breathtaking North Wall of Mt Buffalo Gorge, your camera won’t do justice to the incredible views. If nothing else, it's a great team building experience for you and your partner or friend. You will be encouraging each other as you master the descent and calming each other’s nerves right until you arrive safely back on flat land again. 

How to get there

Mt Buffalo is easy to get to and is only 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne. You will wind through the beautiful alpine scenery until you reach your destination. It is the perfect inclusion in your road trip if you’re considering heading to Victoria to do the Great Ocean Road.  


This extreme dining experience suspended above the valley floor in one of Australia’s most impressive gorges will set you back $300 for two people. This includes food, training and the experience itself. Not too bad at all considering how unique this experience is!

Leaning back against the cliff wall as you dine on your fresh deli made lunch, will have you marvelling over the view of Australia’s most spectacular mountain range. The entire experience will go for about 4 hours, which includes about one hour on the portaledge itself. So you while you won’t be in a rush, the experience itself will be a rush you won’t ever forget. All in all, your heart will be leaping from your chest and you won’t be able to wipe the smile from your face as you delight on the most unique lunch you’ve ever eaten.

For more information or to book, you can visit Absolute Outdoors.

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