Caravanning - the Original Glamping?

Caravanning - the Original Glamping?

Glamping is the hottest thing trending in the tourism space at the moment. While it’s technically been around for a few years, it only really gaining publicity now. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a glamourous twist on camping. Glampers get all the enjoyment out of what camping has to offer, without the things they don’t like.

Glamping covers a range of different accommodation styles from treehouses, log cabins to even safari styled tents and tepee’s. This luxurious take on camping may leave you questionning why you'd glamp over caravanning? 

Maybe you weren’t thinking that. But if you think more about it, caravanning was the original adaptation of camping. For those who weren’t quite comfortable with the great outdoors, caravanning has been providing the best of both worlds for decades. Until recently, there hasn’t been much competition with caravanning at all. So we thought we’d put together a list of just some the reasons someone may want to go glamping, and explain why you can get that out of your caravan instead.


People don’t like camping often because there are little to no bathroom facilities. Plus no one likes to go wandering to find the drop toilets in the middle of the night. Glamping provides guests with conventional toilets and showers and has a strong emphasis on making the glamper like they’re at home. Which is why caravans are just as good as glamping sites. There are some really state of the art bathroom facilities in modern caravans that won’t make you feel like you’re camping at all.  

A Comfortable Bed

The idea of sleeping on a foam mat, an awkward stretcher or an air mattress, really gives non-camping enthusiasts the shivers. Glamping combats uncomfortable sleeping arrangements by providing hotel quality mattresses and bedding better than you’d have in your own home. But if you own a caravan, you know you can have these same glamping luxuries for more than just one weekend away. Take whatever bedding you dream of and install a mattress that is every osteopath’s recommendation and you’re set.

In Touch with Nature

Camping is the best way to feel amongst nature, but if it’s not quite your cuppa tea then glamping options offer awesome elevated decks, impressive netting and bug-combatting fly screen protection as well sturdy abodes that won’t get eaten away by dingoes in the middle of the night. Again, glamping doesn’t offer a solution that your trusty caravan hasn’t thought of.

No Set up and Pack Up

How many people have you heard complaining about the effort required of setting up and packing down their campsites? Glamping offers a solution to these whingers by having the glampsite ready to go when they arrive and the ability to walk away from it all when they are done. No pack up or set up needed. Arguably, your reliable caravan doesn’t require too much set up or pack down either. Just hitch up the rig when you’re finished and drive onwards into the horizon. You can slowly clean up when you get home, if you need to at all.

So while glamping has its unique appeals, it doesn’t offer too much more for people who love caravanning. Glamping is a tempting way to lure people who don’t like the downs of camping, who don’t want to invest in a caravan, yet still want a dose of the outdoors. So never fear, while glamping is here to stay, we can’t help but feel like caravanners lead the way to this innovative approach to accommodation. What do you think? 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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