Fun Games for Grown Ups You Should Play on Your Next Camping Trip

Fun Games for Grown Ups You Should Play on Your Next Camping Trip

When the campfire is lit and you’re sitting in your camping chair surrounded by your closest friends with a beer or wine in hand it’s the perfect time to start playing a game or two. Just try and keep the laughs in as you accuse, conjure, and wink your way to game glory. So if you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of games to take with you as well as a couple of games you only need willing participants for.

The Resistance

This game will put all of your relationships on the line. It’s make or break as the Resistance has to stop the Spies from bringing down the empire. This is a game of social deduction. You won’t know who to trust but one thing is for certain in this game, it will get you thinking, get you accused and get you liberated once more. If you are a Spy, you must fail the mission. If you are in the Resistance you must find out who the Spies are ensure they are not included in your night mission team. This is good game to test how well you really know your camping pals. Who can lie to your face and who is useless. You can buy The Resistance here.

Cards Against Humanity

If you haven’t heard of cards against humanity, then you’re probably a really nice person. Unlike most of the games you've ever played, this one is as awful and awkward as they come. The game itself is super simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. You will be faced with some trialling cards but in effort to win, you may finish up questioning your ethical standing in society once the game is all said and done. But you will have a hilarious time while doing so. You can buy Cards Against Humanity here.

Winking Assassin

This game is a good one to play while you’re playing another game or while you’re just enjoying talking. It’s a game of subtlety and attention to detail. One person in the group is the ‘Godfather’ and they get to choose the ‘Winking Assassin’.  They will walk around the group (when everyone’s eyes are shut) and gently tap on one person to be the secret killer. The night goes on as normal (sharing stories, cooking dinner, toasting marshmallows) except everyone is on alert.  It’s a game where it’s the assassin versus everyone else. If the assassin winks at you, you’re dead (make sure everyone know that you have been killed with your best acting skills). It’s up to everyone else to watch out for who the winker is before he/she kills everyone in the group. But be careful, if you incorrectly accuse – you’re dead too.


You can’t go past a classic game of charades. The best thing about this game is that you rarely have to teach anyone how to play, just a quick revision on the rules and perhaps some house rules to make it interesting and away you go. Discover how creative some of your friends are and how literal others are. This game is a family favourite for a reason!


Grab a kindle, a book or a magazine and gear up for a hilarious game of substitute. Have two teams and an adjudicator. Take it in turn to sing a randomly picked song from the adjudicator’s iTunes library and replace the lyrics with the words from the book you have been given. It’s up to your team to guess what song it is that you are substituting the lyrics for. From tone deaf to songbird of your generation, you will see everyone’s musical talent (or lack thereof) in this hilarious game inspired from the ABC TV Show Spicks & Specks.


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