How to Beat the Mosquitos this Summer

How to Beat the Mosquitos this Summer

We have been waiting for summer since, well, Autumn. But there are a few things the warmer weather decides to bring along for the ride that we could all do without. No matter what the first thing that comes to your mind is, we can probably all agree the worst part of summer is the infestation of the blood-sucking mosquito family. Mozzies are the closest thing we have to vampires, and it’s all a little gross when you think deeply about how they sustain their lives. But you can follow these tips to avoid them sucking your blood out from under your nose... and everywhere else on your body.

  1. Dusk and Dawn – and in between

Dusk, night fall and dawn is typically when mozzies tend to come out to play. This is when you should be on high alert and follow some of the below precautions to lessen your chance of those itchy little red bumps on your skin.

  1. Cover Up

When you’re outside in mozzie peak hour(s), cover up as much of your body as possible. While they can sometimes bite through your layers, there is a lot less likihood if you are wearing long sleeves, socks and long pants.

  1. Spray it

Opt for a supermarket solution or a more natural approach. Either way, apply mosquito repellent to all exposed skin to keep them away. You can get roll on, creams, aerosol and pump spray repellents so your preferences can be most likely accommodated for.

  1. White at Night

Weirdly, studies show that pesky mosquitos are drawn to dark colours. Wear white to send them elsewhere. You should also avoid tight clothing to ensure the mozzies can’t bite through it, but also not too loose so they can’t fly down your collar or up your sleeves.

  1. Zap them Dead

Use a simple mozzie coil, an electronic bug zapper or another similar device to keep your outside area mosquito free. There are lots of solutions that claim to rid mosquitos in their tracks, so personal trial and error will help find you the best one.

  1. Anti-Mozzie Plants

Some plants deter mosquitos naturally due to their repelling scents. These include Lemon Balm, Rose scented Geraniums, Basil, Parsley and Thyme. With the herbs, you can also crush them and rub them on exposed skin as a natural repellent. You may smell like a pasta dish at the end of the night but it will be worth it if you’re free from those drive-you-crazy bites.

  1. Avoid Sweet Scents

Sweet scents that you wear on your body or clothing is said to also draw in the mosquitos. Think perfume, hair spray and moisturiser. If you think it smells nice, chances are; so do the mozzies. Go au-naturel when you’re out in the bush for your best chance at disguise.

Unfortunately, it is hard to totally remove the chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes, you can certainly do your best to minimise the risk by employing some of these techniques. I guess while Summer brings so much fun about, it’s only natural that there are some drawbacks too, right?



DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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