How to Keep Your Camper in Top Condition

How to Keep Your Camper in Top Condition

A regular maintenance routine is an integral part of owning a camper trailer. It doesn’t take too much of your time, and significantly lowers the chances of a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. In addition to this, well-maintained camper trailers are more fun to use, upping your weekend camping holiday experience. So, let’s get to it.

Inspect the axle and wheel bearings:

Have a camping holiday on the cards? Now would be a good time to inspect your camper trailer’s wheel bearings, and regrease them if needed. And while you have everything taken apart, take a good look at the axle as well, especially the part that receives the wheel. This is a common place for a fracture to appear; spotting one in time, and in the safety of your own garage or driveway, is always better than dealing with it on the road.

Check the brakes

Like with any other vehicle, properly functioning brakes are an absolute must for your camper trailer. You might have to machine the brake drums if your trailer has seen a fair degree of off-road conditions. If your brakes are hydraulic, check for leaks along the line, and if they’re electric, check the condition of the magnet. In either case, regrease the grease nipples of the overrider coupling, and confirm that there’s adequate tension in the bolts.

Spare a moment for the suspension:

Sub-par suspensions can take a toll on other parts of your trailer, the chassis for instance. Things to check here include the tension in the nuts, bolts and shock absorbers and the condition of the rubber mounts as well as the leaves or coils themselves.

Don’t forget the tyres

Tyre damage isn’t always obvious. Check the inner faces of your camper trailer’s tyres for signs of wear and tear. Inspect the treads carefully; often, non-uniform tread wear can be a tell-tale sign of a bent axle. An important factor here is the age of your tyres. As a general rule, tyres older than 5 or 6 years should be replaced. Also, check that your tyres (spare included) are inflated to the right pressure (depending on your camper trailer’s load).

And your trailer’s underside

Your camper trailer’s undercarriage has to deal with a number of unpleasant visitors, including flying pebbles, dirt and water. To prevent rusting and corrosion, ensure that it has a fresh coat of paint, and that its steel isn’t exposed to the elements.

Look after your camper trailer’s canvas tent

Mould and mildew usually prefer to go after your camper trailer’s canvas tent. Ensure that it is regularly hosed down and aired out. If you’re heading to a particularly humid place, it’s a good idea to ‘precondition’ the tent by leaving it open for a day or so to attune its fabric to the humidity.

A few other measures

There are a number of routine tasks that add to the effectiveness of your camper trailer maintenance regimen. For example, inspecting its wiring from time to time will keep unpleasant blackouts out of the equation during your road trip. Another important component that needs the occasional look is your water tank. It might need to be drained and cleaned, especially if you won’t be using the trailer for a while. And even if you take frequent trips, you should definitely check and top up the water level before setting out.

It's actually quite straight forward if you want to become a camper trailer maintenance pro! Take your camper trailer through the above routine regularly to keep enjoying trouble-free camping getaways.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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