Life on the Road – What You Won’t Miss from Home

Life on the Road – What You Won’t Miss from Home

Leaving home for a period of time comes with a bit of uncertainty sure, but it also comes with excitement. If you are trying to decide on whether you should pack up and head off on your big lap, make sure that these 5 points make it to your pro list.


1-Garden Maintenance-

Travelling in your van means that there are no lawns to mow, weeds to pull or plants to water unless you opt for some small indoor plants, or herbs which require minimal maintenance.

Unfortunately, there are some chores that will follow you around, regardless of where you travel. However, comparatively speaking, as your van is a smaller area than a house or unit, the time required to clean and maintain your van is significantly less.

No longer do you need to avoid those unsolicited knocks at the door. From religious groups, charities and utility companies, they will not be able to follow you as you hit the road. when you are on the road the only people who will be pestering you are fellow campers who want to spend happy hour with you. And who would say no to great company and a couple of cold beverages?

4-Neighbours you can’t get rid of-
The joys of living in a mobile home is that if you aren’t loving your neighbours, then you can always up and move. You don’t necessarily have to leave that campground, you can always request a new campsite, however there is a large number of camping grounds around Australia, so it is easy enough to move on should you choose.

5-Being too busy-
It can be easy to get caught up in the daily grind and constantly having some sort of event that you are expected to attend. There seems to be no end to the reasons to be somewhere and do something. Leaving home for the great outdoors removes the expectation for you to attend the obligatory events. You will finally have time for you, spending time how you want, where you want so you can finally tick off some of those activities on your bucket list.

So the next time someone tries to talk you out of your travels in exchange for the comforts of home, remember these reasons. While we are sure there are way more you could add to this list, this is a playful list of few we thought were worth a mention. 


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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