Little Escapes Will Make You Live Longer

Little Escapes Will Make You Live Longer

No human is wired to stay in one place. At the very least, very few humans are wired to remain happy while staying in one place. We have all experienced those little spurts of energy, goodwill and light-heartedness that keep us upbeat during and after vacations. Problems seem to become less challenging for a while, deadlines seem easier to meet, and the everyday routine of navigating our way through life becomes at least a little more pleasant. Despite this, we often tend to underestimate the power of travel, especially with more ‘important’ life decisions simultaneously demanding our attention. But every once in a while, a little escape or two will do you a world of good. In fact, little escapes don’t just improve your mood, but actually make you live longer! 

Less Stress

This is a given. Short getaways, even those that just span a weekend, are excellent in their ability to help you forget the stresses and anxieties of the week before. And not just while you’re out having fun, but also when you’re back at work. No prizes for guessing the long-term effects of a low-stress life!

Healthier Hearts

A healthy heart makes a vital contribution towards longevity. And one of the primary advantages of travel is the fact that it reduces your chances of developing heart diseases. This is a scientifically proven fact, and has been the subject of several studies, most famous among them being the Framingham Heart Study that found undeniable links between travel and healthy hearts, in both men and women. Now you have a very justifiable reason to head out onto the road.

Sharper Brains

Frequent getaways can have very positive impacts on your brain. At the outset, coming in contact with new people, places and ways of living keeps you alert and aware of the cultural diversity the world has to offer. Not only this, diverse experiences encourage creativity, emotional stability, and ultimately, healthier outlooks towards life and personal growth.

More Exercise

Little breaks from your regular routine bring with them more opportunities to exercise, and in ways that you can actually enjoy. Let’s face it: staying on top of your fitness requirements while juggling work and household duties, is a long drawn out task. When you travel, however – even if you’re driving or caravanning up to your nearest National Park – you’re inviting tons of opportunities to explore the Outback, take nature trails, go bushwalking, swimming, hiking, and the list goes on. These activities, conducted in the fresh air with none of the usual pollution around, can do you a world of good - physically and mentally.

Enriching Experiences and Good Health

The above benefits are part and parcel of any kind of travel – backpacking for months at a stretch, moving to a new country for a year or two, or heading out for a couple of days to the beach or mountains near you. What’s unique about the latter is the fact that it’s free from the hassle of organising your life around each trip. When going out on a little escape, all you need to do is pack some clothes and essentials, stock up your RV or caravan refrigerator, and that’s about it. Essentially, little breaks bring with them short and sweet doses of happiness, without asking for too much planning in return.

We all need travel, just like we all need love, it's a fundemental need to explore stretching back to our heritage of being nomads. So go ahead, make frequent camping and caravanning a regular feature in your calendar. Open the doors to better health and increased happiness for you and your family, and bid adieu to overthinking, stress and anxiety. With any luck, you’ll end up with a good many extra years of travel to experience and enjoy!

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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